Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tasmanian Holiday continues

So we have done the famous Wineglass Bay lookout walk.
TIP:Just make sure you are fit enough to attempt this, "gentle" up hill climb, be prepared for lots of stops to take in the views!

There are alot of other walks in this region but we don't have time on this trip for them all so it's off again to the easy to reach places.
Cape Tourville lighthouse walk - very easy even the people with prams can do this one! It's a misty rain that is coming in the first rain they have had in this rain shadow region for ages. So it's on with the rain coats and off we go just an easy 20 minute walk. The views up and down the coast are spectacular.

The children are not all that enthusiastic about walking about in the rain but it can be enjoyable with the right gear.

Loaded back into the vehicle and we stop off at Sleepy Bay - just gorgeous a quiet little spot to contemplate your blog! As you walk down the path you will see an unusual feature a rock with a large hollow in it! The beach is lovely and sheltered with crystal clear water.

"My Space" in Tasmania

Winding down the road a bit further we come to Honeymoon Bay where the is a lovely picnic spot and it's another beautiful sheltered little bay. I didn't find any honeymooners there but I bet there have been 1000's here during the summer!

Now we really must find somewhere to stay. It is getting a bit late for roaming around the countryside in winter, 4pm would still be quite early in summer though and you could keep exploring!

So lets ring my friend with a B&B and see where we will stay. Alan of Sheoaks has offered us one of the holiday homes he manages and it's right behind his house so that's perfect. The children are very impressed with staying at an ultra modern beach home. The views out over the bay are wonderful but you really never spend more than a minute taking in the view do you!Because the children loved the house so much they decided we should stay in so we decided to run out to the local shop to find something to cook for dinner - now that was a bit difficult. We come from a small coastal town with a permanent poplation of 1200, now apparently Coles Bay only has 100-150 were the quoted figures. This means that there is limited shopping facilities because all the locals go off to Bicheno or further for their shopping! So we had to make do with a little fresh seafood and some noodles.

We are really spoiled in Bridport because we have a butcher, bakery and a large supermarket as well as a small shop to cater to the needs of the visitor and the locals.
So the moral of the story is to make sure you have everything with you for dinner before you get to Coles Bay, unless of course you would like to take the family out to one of the expensive restaurants.

We had a very comfortable night in the pole/platform house which sways with the slightest of breeze. Cooked our free range eggs and bacon for breakfast, cleaned up, paid the bill had a chat with our hosts and we were off on the adventure again.

Next stop Port Arthur hope you join me in a while to catch up with which track we took!

Teenage Genius

Would you believe I was without a printer for two weeks because a piece of paper got jambed!

Yes I know you think that I must be dumb - but wait that's not true.
I got the paper out but a very small piece still got left behind. So I opened up the cover had a look around ---NO there isn't anything in there!

Everyone had a look got the torch peered in no there's no paper.

This frustrating situation got the better of us and we were about to go and buy a new printer.
This one said it wasn't going to reset and all the knowlege base stuff didn't work.

WAIT 14 year old son just fixed it!
Sitting at the table having breakfast -- printer sitting next to him--Curious-- have another look inside.

YES look here is a peice of paper stuckup in here..... yep right up where we couldn't see it before!

FANTASTIC carefully remove it and hey presto I'm back in business.

Clean the print head put in some new ink cartidges and PRINT away all those docs I've been putting aside.

Moral to the story: Always let your kids fix the technical stuff!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Stay Healthy this winter



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Gina Scott
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Web site Grading

Web site Optimisation

Here is something for nothing, which is something I have been looking for for ages and didn't know how to find or that it even existed.
A friend found this link and I am happy to pass it on. I have learned so much from it and I feel you could too.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tasmanian Adventure continued

Leaving Scamander

We are all packed up ready to go again. It's an overcast day in Scamander a beautiful seaside village on the east coast of Tasmania, where people have come for summer holidays forever!
I remember passing through when we were children on our way to the farm near St Helens from Hobart. People used to rave about the bream fishing in the river at Scamander.

So off we go through the other side of town and south towards Falmouth. The Scamander, Falmouth and Four mile Creek area was devastated by bush fire in the late spring of 2006. Several homes were lost and the community is starting to rebuild itself and so is the bush.

On the way down the coastal road you will come to a scenic lookout. Now sometimes I am a bit sceptical about these and this is one of them.What do you think? this scenic? Some would think so if you live in a desert others would say there is better. While we were here there were three Aurora (local electrical company) vehicles and the workers, in the car park taking in the view. Well it may have been their morning tea break!

Well click and we're off on the road again.
Next stop .... ...... what's this a repetitive sign to Lagoon beach? What's in there I hear you ask?

Lets go and see.
Well here is the beach and yes it is a lagoon very sheltered and very beautiful. What else?? This is a perfect free coastal holiday camp spot! Just wonderful if you have come to Tasmania prepared to camp or stop over with your camper van/caravan. There are basic picnic and toilet facilities, all you need if you can swim in the lagoon every day. Who needs a hot shower every day? Just think of all the water you are saving! We voted this as a great spot to return to in summer holidays - not the peak - but the shoulder season- for a camping holiday.

OK enough wishing we had brought the tent lets go to Bicheno.

A lovely sheltered port a great little holiday town and a retirement haven. We check out a couple of beautiful B&Bs one being Fleurs by the sea. Unfortunately the owner has just come out of hospital and we are unable to stay so lets keep pushing onto Coles Bay.
Coles Bay is on the Freycinet peninsular with the famous Wineglass Bay a good days walk.

We take the famous, 1.5 hour return, walk to the Wineglass Bay lookout, just like thousands of visitors each year. In fact it is probably 300,ooo or more who do this walk .There is always track up grades going on in the off season and luckily there were only 20 other people on the track while we were negotiating our way up the hill! No one could see I hadn't done any training for this walk! AND this is the view at the top.

My daughter makes a lovely model don't you think? We had to go outside the fenced area to get this pic but it wasn't dangerousI made sure she was safe.
OK that's enough for one day there are lots of other places to visit here so I'll tell you about those next time....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Purchasing Real Estate - Maybe your first home!

Real Estate is another of my hobbies and business interests.

This article I discovered may just help some readers. I purchased my first home in 1977 and it was very daunting to a young person to make such a commitment. Talk to family and friends have them come with you to doinspections of property. Listen to what they telll you - they may just know a bit more than you about faults to be aware of in property. Take notes - you might have to refer to them later.

Many first home buyers are both excited and daunted by the prospect of purchasing their first home property in Australia. Like everything else though, it is not such a difficult process provided you do your research and make use of professional and experienced people along the way. Purchasing your first home will be your biggest financial transaction to date â€" it’s much more important that purchasing that new car, plasma TV or fridge so retain professionals â€"especially a solicitor to make sure that the contracts you are signing are not going to leave you exposed if something goes wrong.

As a purchaser the “buyer beware” principle applies and while a vendor can not misrepresent any aspect of the property it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that what you are purchasing is as described in the contract.

Before starting the first home buyer process it is advisable to
1. research the area / suburb where you are intending to buy your first home. Are schools, shopping centre and other facilities near by? Are you within the “zone” for a particular secondary school you like? Is public transport close by? What are Council’s plans for the area â€" improvements proposed, road widening plans etc.
2. Check out the internet and look at sites that provide information on suburbs and the trends expected in property values there. For a small cost of around $50 (insignificant when you are likely to be paying in excess of $250,000 for a property in Sydney or any other capital city in Australia) you can get a good report on the suburb, average prices, your particular property if you have identified one, expected capital growth. Even though there are more important things than capital growth when you are looking for your first home it is nevertheless a good idea to take some of the emotion out of the exercise and make sure that you are buying in a growth area.
3. Check out the internet for mortgage calculator tools and run some numbers to find out how much you can borrow. There are many different mortgage calculators available â€" one that is very worthwhile taking a look at is the 100% offset mortgage calculator. You can save a significant amount of interest over the term of your loan if you are in a position to have $5000 or $10,000 on deposit in an offset account. Perhaps your parents or grandparents may be able to help with this. With a 100% offset mortgage you only pay interest on the difference between the loan balance and the offset account balance. E.g. Loan Balance $200,000. 100% Offset Account Balance $10,000. Interest is payable on $190,000 only.
4. Check out the internet to see if any mortgage managers or lenders have a first home buyer club. Often there are investor clubs and first home buyer clubs that offer First Home Buyer Guides, tips and information regarding State stamp duty concessions and the First Home Owner Grant in Australia. Some First Home Buyer Clubs also provide free residential reports as noted in 2 above. Some mortgage managers also offer a First Home Buyer promotional package which can include white goods and other kitchenware that can help you to set up in your first home.
5. Apply for an approval in principle for your mortgage finance. Most mortgage managers and lenders will provide an approval in principle subject to valuation. If you are bidding at auction for your first home and have a good idea of values you need not necessarily obtain a valuation before you exchange â€" this way you avoid the cost until you have secured the property. If you are unsuccessful at auction, then you simply notify your mortgage manager or lender. The approval in principle from your mortgage manager or lender should still stand from a borrowing capacity and credit worthiness point of view. Once you have identified another property let your mortgage manager or lender know and restart the process.
6. Once you have identified a property and decide you will put in an offer or bid at a forthcoming auction, then as noted earlier before doing so, you should retain a solicitor to check your contract of purchase. He may recommend you obtain a pest report, particularly if the first home you are purchasing is an existing property as opposed to a new unit. Again the costs involved when compared to the purchase price are insignificant and it is always wise to make sure that you have covered off all aspects of your first home purchase properly.
7. You are ready to exchange. In Australia the settlement process once you have exchanged contracts usually takes about 4 â€" 6 weeks. Once the legal documentation is completed you can settle, pick up your house keys and move in to your first home!

Vicky Edema has been the Managing Director of Austral Mortgage Corporation since 1992 the company specialised in first home buyer loan.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tasmanian Holiday continues

Here we go lets be safe and lock the wheels into 4WD down this slippery track. Just as well we did it allowed us to safetly, and narrowly miss, collecting a young person in a blue car coming around the blind corner a little too wide!

So we're off down to St Columba Falls, a 90m drop but much wider than the Ralphs falls. A beautiful 20 minute walk through the tall myrtle, eucalypt and blackwood trees and giant ferns.

Click click click and we're off up the track again...OH my ear ring shrieks the daughter, I've lost one of my ear rings! Damn blast and everything else... go back down the track to see if you two can find it I'll keep going up the track and watch out for it on the way and I'll search the car too. Phew! she found it on the track .. How lucky was that?

Lets go back so we can visit the Pyengana cheese factory and Holy Cow cafe to get real ice cream! It's a family tradition to weigh yourself on the large freight scales out the front too. We give the Pub in the Paddock a miss this time the pig must have had enough beer by now.
Puchasing a block of mature cheddar we head off to St Helens. Don't forget to go into the Shop in the Bush the best bricabrac shop to Tasmania, full of collectables, glass, china and books and a lot more.
Winding our way towards St Helens on the coast there are some spots where the view is spectacular.
Lets go out and have a look at Binnalong Bay and the Bay of fires - famous for the orange lichen on the rocks and beautiful beaches oh if we must is the reply. The water is wonderfully clear it's just before sunset and the boats are bobbing about in the the sheltered bay. Would we like to stay here? No there was no visible shop or place to eat apart for the expensive restaurant which isn't open today anyway!

So off we go back into St Helens and it's been decided that we'll get to Scamander to find a self catering unit. Carmens Inn had just the place for an overnight stay - clean, comfortable, friendly host, very quiet and we can prepare a meal.

Where are we off to tomorrow? We'll lets see Fourmile Creek, Falmouth, Bicheno, Coles Bay or Swansea .....
I'll let you know next time...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spot a scam easily

Why are there so many scams?

I loved this article when I read it and I hope you do to and I thank Elena for taking the time to collate all of this information. Many of these "scams" have dropped onto my inbox and I just warn all my friends and business colleagues and then delete them.

What is interesting is that this article was written a while back but the same scams are still circulating.

How to Spot a Scam a Mile Off
© 2005 Elena Fawkner

Received the following forwarded email from a subscriber this morning:"I am an Executive Director with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and a member of the Contract Advisory Committee (CAC). I am seeking your assistance to enable me transfer the sum of $26,500,000 (Twenty Six Million, Five hundred Thousand United States Dollars) into your private/company account."
Carole told me she has received "3 or 4 of these in the last week, I think from different people. I deleted the others. It makes me nervous. Sounds like a dangerous scam. "That's exactly what it is, of course.
Maybe you're reading this thinking "I can't believe people are still falling for the Nigeriascam after all this time". On the other hand, maybe you're reading this thinking, "Wow, I might have responded to that. How am I supposed to know what's a scam and what's real?

The reality is that there are hundreds of thousands of people coming online, for the first time, each year. Many of these people have simply not been exposed to scams like the ones that are constantly touted on the Internet before. Many of these people come online to try and find a way to make money with their computers and/or they're looking for ideas for making money from home.The fact that they may not recognize scams off the bat doesn't mean they're naive or stupid, it just means that they haven't been in an environment where this sort of stuff came their way before now.
And don't the scammers know it. Like vultures circling overhead, they await their prey. They know they have only a narrow window of opportunity because it doesn't take newbies long to catch on so they have to be quick about it. And how do they do that? They hang out where newbies hang out so they can get them while they're still young and fresh and vulnerable. They're nothing but predators looking to pick off the easiest game. Wouldn't want to have to engage in any real work, after all.

In this article we look at several main scams and how to recognize them.=> Nigerian Advance Fee SchemeThe gist of this worldwide scheme is that small to medium-sizebusinesses receive a letter from someone who purports to bean official of the Nigerian government or major utility or similarwho needs to transfer some huge amount of money out of thecountry. The money typically is an overpayment by the governmenton a procurement contract. The object of the exercise is to get you to provide your bank account details (for the purpose ofwire transferring the money of course). Surprise surprise, there's a transfer all right but not INTO your account!

=> The FTC "Dirty Dozen"These are the top 12 scams that have been identified by the(U.S.) Federal Trade Commission as the most likely to arrive via email:

1. Business Opportunities - often pyramid schemes (see below)thinly disguised as legitimate opportunities to earn money.What to look for: high returns with little or no effort or cash outlayrequired.
2. Bulk Email - offers of lists of thousands of email addressesall of whom, of course, are just dying to receive your marketingmessage.What to look for: "Bulk Email Works! 10,000 addresses for $9.99."
3. Chain Letters - send $5 to the next name on the list then cross the bottom name off the list, replace it with your own, thenforward the letter to 500 of your nearest and dearest.What to look for: A jail cell. This is a pyramid scheme and isillegal. The letter goes to great pains to say that it is not illegal.
4. Envelope Stuffing - think you're going to be paid for stuffingenvelopes? Think again. You get a kit that you can turn aroundto recruit others to an envelope stuffing scam of your very own!Watch out for craft assembly work as well. You'll probably findall of your hard work is not up to their exacting "quality standards"and therefore you won't get paid for your work.
5. Health and Diet Scams - magic pills that eradicate the needto eat fewer calories than you expend in order to lose weight.They don't work.
6. Effortless Income - no such thing. As the FTC says, if they worked, everyone would be doing it.
7. Free Goods - you're told you'll get a free computer. You haveto pay a fee to join a club and then told you have to recruit othermembers. You get paid in computers. They're nothing but pyramid schemes.
8. Investment Opportunities - look for outrageously high ratesof return with no risk.
9. Cable Descrambler Kits - they probably won't work and evenif they do, you're stealing a service from a cable company andcommitting a crime.
10. Guaranteed Loans or Credit - pay a fee and you'regiven a list of lenders, all of whom turn you down. Credit cardsnever arrive.
11. Credit Repair - no matter how bad your credit, pay thesepeople and they'll fix it. They generally just advise you how to lie on future credit applications - how to commit fraud in other words.
12. Vacation Prize Promotions - your accommodations will be so bad you'll want to pay for an upgrade. You'll probably have to pay to schedule a vacation at the time you want as well.=>

Pyramid Schemes Make money by recruiting members into the program without giving anything of equal value in exchange for membership fees. Contrast MLM (multi-level marketing schemes). These are not pyramid schemes because they involve the sale of products and services in return for membership.=>

Medical Billing Prepackaged businesses requiring an investment of $2,000 to$8,000. Few people who purchase one of these "businesses"are able to find clients, start a business and generate revenues.Competition in this area is fierce and concentrated around afew big, well-entrenched firms.=>

Your In Box Finally, go to your in-box now. You'll find no end of scams sittingright there. Here's one that just arrived in mind ..."Subject: How to make $1,000,000 in 20 weeks selling to Newcomers on the Net"Like all the rest, it gets the one-finger salute - index fingerto the delete key. Works beautifully every time.

Where to go for more information on internet scams:FTC Website
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Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical ideas, resources and strategies for your home-based or online business.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tasmanian Holiday

East Coast of Tasmania -Start: Bridport

So it is the school holidays and business is a bit quiet so take the opportunity to get away for a while with the teenagers....that's a great idea isn't it?
Loaded up, Travelways, UBD maps, thermos, cameras, hair straightener!, MP3, Ipod, mobile phones x3, assorted coats, hats, scarves, boots, off we go Mum and two teenagers! Let's not make any definite plans let's just go where we like timetable.... stay where every we like... but we have only got five days!

Daughter: I would like to do a ghost tour at Port Arthur... are you sure about that.....Oh yes!
Son: Not particularly interested in seeing or doing anything but getting to a town that has a music store to purchase some new drum sticks!

Well that's an easy demand list isn't it...that means I get to choose all the things in between!

First stop Legerwood tree carvings, must take some new pictures of those. The stories are interesting too. After the first world war, an avenue of trees was planted in remembrance of those from the town who had died in battles. The trees bacame very old and dangerous so had to be cut down OH BUT what about the avenue of remmebrance? Well there is a very talented chainsaw carving guy lets get him in to carve the trees into the people we are to remember. Great idea so, Eddie Freeman was commissioned to complete the task and what a fantastic job he has done.

Wouldyou like to see more pictures?
BBQ Hut at Ralphs Falls

Next stop Ralph's Falls also in the North East of Tas. so off we go through Ringarooma and onto the falls, up the winding road that has a dry stone wall completed in the 1940's after the next world war. This area also has several old gold and tin prospecting minning sites some of which can still be seen today. So off you go kids take the forest walk to the Falls it's only 10 minutes while I have my cup of tea and lunch, (they ate theirs in the car). It is a lovely picnic spot in the forest complete with a BBQ hut with electric BBQs, composting toilet and the falls are the longest drop in Tasmania over 100m, I've walked there several times before and the young people are old enough now to take themselves! Oh they didn't take a camera! not to worry they have mobile phones which do everything except cook the dinner!!!
Well they survived the walk I had my revival quiet cup of tea and enjoyed the stillness and birds of the bush, so off we go down the rough road to ...........
To be continued.......

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Strange to understand B&B guests Sometimes

If you were a B&B operator what would you say? Your help please!!!

Host: Good morning how was your stay in the cottage?
Guest: Enjoyed our say but it was a bit cold last night, you need a thicker doona on the bed (this bed has a wool acrylic mix doona the equivalent of approx three blankets warmth)... so I got up and turned on the heater in the lounge room.
Host: Yes the nights do get a bit cold in winter. Didn't you find the spare blankets in the cupboard? There is also an electric blanket on the bed.
Guest: Yes I did find the blanket but couldn't be bothered getting it out of the cupboard.
Host: After guest is gone to wife. Does it make any sense to get out of bed and go to the lounge room turn on a heater instead of turning on an electric blanket or getting the blanket out of the cupboard if you are cold in bed???? Is that logical??? These B&B hosts cannot find any logic in the comment or action.Can you?

Stay posted for more interesting guest comments!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Famous People in town

Have you had any famous people drop into your town lately?

I live in a very small seaside town only 1200 people live here but in summer there are about 6000.

Residents couldn't believe their eyes when in walks Keith Urban to the local coffee shop!!

Yep it sure was him, quick thinking staff rushed to find a camera and had their photo taken with him, which now hangs pride of place in the coffee shop. You just never know who is going to drop in for a cuppa do you.

The next person of renown was Shane Gould remember her? Well you should she was one of the youngest Gold medal swimmers for Australia. She loves Tasmania so much she and her husband have decided to set up a base here. But that's not all she wants to write a book about people who swim and we just happen to have a group of older people who swim almost everydayin the sea, that have caught her interest so Shane will be back and forth a bit!

What about Ronnie Burns do you remember him? Australian Pop star back in the 70's, He also set up camp in the wilds of Tassie quite a few years ago. Now he helps some of the under priveligded kids enjoy a camp on his property.

Then of course there was Doug Anthony not the all stars fame one but a past deputy Prime Minister. He loves to play golf so he and his mates came on down to play at Barnbougle Dunes one of the top 100 courses in the work and just five minutes from the centre of Bridport.

Remember Mark Edmondson he's a golfer too, but better know for tennis. He is best remembered for his victory at the Australian Open in 1976, in which he was noted for wearing a pair of Dunlop Volleys. He is the last Australian to date to win the men's singles at the Australian Open. This win was particularly notable because he is the lowest-ranked winner of a major since the ATP rankings were introduced in 1973. He was ranked 212th at the time. Eddo has won six career singles titles and 34 in doubles, including five major titles.

I'll let you know when anymore distinguished people drop by keep an eye out.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Is running a B&B FUN?

So you want to run a B&B

  • Well you might ask, if you are considering going into this business.

    I suggest you ask a lot of operators this question and see the variety of answers! Before you start a new B&B.

    Generally running your own B&B can be FUN but please remember it is work, it is a way of earning your income - unless of course you are going to let people stay for free, and why would you do that they would stay with you forever - a bit like the kids who don't leave home%%%%

    You do meet many nice people from around the world when you are in the tourism business. It is fantastic to find out where they are from what they do and how much they enjoy travelling.

    Running a B&B can be demanding. Do you want to work 7 days a week?

    Do you want people in your home all the time? Do you like house work - making beds? making breakfast...everyday?
    If you don't ...are you going to be able to afford staff? Are you prepared for all the challenges this also brings?

    What are you going to do with the guest who arrives at midnight because he got lost? Are you going to great him with a smile at the front door and welcome him in? Of course you are, you are the perfect host offering personal service in a private home, and you are trained to be a courteous obliging operator.

    Would you like some tips about going into a B&B business?

    Ensure you have good people skills.

    Choose an excellent location and an appealing buiding.
    Make sure you are compliant with all govertment regulations including fire safety.
  • Do a small business training course which includes good book keeping.
  • Become very web savvy and learn about e-commerce and e-marketing.
  • Know who your customers are.
  • Learn how to do an interesting breakfast.
  • Keep a good database of customers.
  • Join your local B&B association and become an active member.

Here are some delicious breakfast receipes I found.

Tasmania Golden Blueberry Custard
Cook Time: 35 min
Prep Time: 15 min
6 servings

Ingredients:6 eggs; 1/2 tsp salt;

2/3 cups flour;

1/4 cup Tasmanian Bush honey;

2 cups milk;

1 tsp. vanilla;

1 cup fresh or frozen Tasmanian blueberries.

Instructions: It now gets the best reviews and has become a tradition the best B&Bs. The soft, warm texture of the custard is something gentle for the awaking tummy and tongue.

Melt 3 tbspns of butter in a pyrex glass pie plate (or a 9 X 9 pan). Blend all ingredients, excpet blueberries, in blender. Pour minxture into preheated dish of melted butter and sprinkle with blueberries. Bake at 400* for 20-25 minutes until set, puffed and golden.Drizzle with hot jam, or maple syrup. Sprinkle with nutmeg and powdered sugar. In the summer, garnish with fresh raspberries and mint from the garden.Enjoy!

Cinamon Raisin Bread Pancakes
Cook Time: 5 min
Prep Time: 25 min
Makes: 16
Ingredients:8 slices cinnamon raisin bread;

2 cups milk;

2 eggs, lightly beaten;

3 tablespoons butter;

MIX TOGETHER DRY INGREDIENTS:3/4 cup all purpose flour;

2 tablespoons sugar;

1 tablespoon baking powder;

1/2 teaspoon salt;

Instructions:Trim crusts from bread and cut bread into cubes. Place in a large bowl and pour milk over bread. Let stand 10-15 minutes or until very soft and beginning to fall apart. Stir occasionally. Stir in dry ingredient mixture, making sure that each scoopful is blended well. Stir in eggs and metled butter until blended.Lightly coat a griddle heated to 350, if needed, with marg. Drop 1/4 cup batter onto griddle for each pancake. Cook until bubbles appear on top and underside is golden (about 3 minutes). Flip and cook on other side until cooked through and bottom is golden (about 2 minutes).Serve with desired syrup loveely with Tasmanian Gourmet sauces Raspberry or Blueberry.

OK that's enough for now I'll give you more tips next time. Go do your homework now.

Now it's the Weekend Hooray

Only son ventures down the stairs at 10am Sunday....

When did you put the washing out? is the first question.

When will it be dry?

Why I ask?

I haven't any clothes!

That can't be right, wear the ones you had on yesterday.

No can't do that I've had them on for 3 days!

Now I know that's not right or there wouldn't be so much washing would there!

Are your teenagers so particular about changing their attire? I thought they never changed their clothes never had a wash didn't want to brush their hair a few years back.

So what will the next question be. What's to eat I dare say!

Yep here it comes. Where's the bread? Can I have noodles?

Whats wrong with porridge? Everything apparently.

But it's great being a parent itsn't it. They are going to grow up and mature into great community builders because we have guided them in all the right directions, nutured them, run them everywhere so they don't damage a muscle, take them to drum practice at someone elses house, now that 's a smart move.

Just waiting on only daughter to find her way down the stairs shouldn't be too long. But she will know where all her clothes are won't she? Surely she dosen't want the ones I just put on the line too! There you go right on time. Straight to the bathroom - how llong will it be till I see her again? How much water will be left in the tank?

Wonder if I'll get help with the lawns today or the windows washed or the house cleaned - who's going to get all that washing in?

Yes they will want to help or I won't take them on holiday!

What are your tips on getting the teenagers to clean up their rooms?