Friday, October 24, 2008

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Los Angeles holiday Discounted Yipee!

Here us another great holiday deal for you.

$1699 -- Fly to LA on Australia's Newest Airline ex 3 Cities* new

Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne to Los Angeles

Top 20 deal - sells out quickly!

Travel dates: 1 March - 2 April & 18 April - 31 May 09

By Romain Rouillon
Travelzoo Staff

V Australia has just released hugely discounted fares to Los Angeles from three Australian cities, for just $1699 return, including tax. That's at least $300 OFF what other companies are charging to go to the City of Angels.

The sale fares are valid for travel from next year 1 March until 2 April and again from 18 April until 31 May.

The Los Angeles flights are available from the following cities:

  • Sydney ... $1699 (Select the $877 Departure, $814 Return)
  • Brisbane ... $1699 (Select the $882 Departure, $813 Return)
  • Melbourne ... $1699 (Select the $879 Departure, $814 Return)

How to book: To make your booking online with V Australia, click here. When we booked we found most dates available for a few dollars less than advertised.

Travelzoo Tip: Other departures cities are available with the same great savings, LA to/from- Hobart:$1930, Canberra:$1860, Adelaide:$1940.

Click here to search for great hotel deals in Los Angeles.

Where else would you like to go? I might be able to find it for you.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Here's Your next Holiday Destination

Today I am bringing you one of the best deals in travel to the Solomon Islands.

Why the Solomon Islands???? Well my son is Solomon!

Virgin Blue is celebrating its new route to the Solomon Islands from Brisbane, with all departure points now on sale to Honiara starting at $466 return (inc. tax), a huge chunk off regular fares which typically start from $1000 return for this exotic destination.

Valid for travel 2 December - 31 March.

  • Brisbane ... $466
  • Melbourne ... $573
  • Sydney ... $574
  • Canberra ... $577
I'd love to go but I can't right now but I hope you can. Let me know if you go!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Are you going Green? Get a GREEN health check now

Check your carbon footprint today.
See what you might be able to change to make the whole world a better place.

Sign up now for Green Globe Lite Health Check Framework

For proactive businesses that want to start addressing sustainability and climate change the Green Globe Lite program provides your business with an online user friendly Health Check Framework.

It assesses all key environmental performances areas within your business to help get you started.

By measuring your Greenhouse Gas emissions (carbon footprint) you will be prepared for mandated carbon reporting. You will be able to monitor how your energy and water consumption and you waste production compares to the Best Practice and Baseline figures for your industry sector.

To sign up for the Health Check Framework visit the Green Globe Lite website.
Did you know that if everyone in the world lived a typical Australian lifestyle, we would need the equivalent of three planet earths to supply our food, transport, shelter and services? How much carbon is your home using? Take a quick quiz to calculate your home’s carbon emissions. You’ll need your last four electricity and gas bills. Once you’ve calculated your home’s carbon emissions, why not take the seven day carbon challenge?