Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More Christmas Bargains for you

I've just found you a couple of extra bargains!
Just in time to order now and get them delivered to your door.

Here's the first one and these are all the go right now everyone wants one but look at the saving I found for you.

Normal RRP $179 but you can buy it now for $89.95

17cm (7") Digital Photo Frame with Stand - Built-in Speakers, Video, MP3 and Full Function Remote: Now you can showcase your most cherished photos for all to see, with this digital photo frame. What's more with the built-in speakers, MP3 and video compatibility, plus slideshow function you can really show off your creative skills - producing music and photo compilations.Compatible with most memory cards including SD, MMC and MS this 7" photo frame also features a USB port making it easy to read pictures from a variety of sources. Other great benefit of this digital photo frame is that you can play video, rotate and resize your photos to fit the screen, and the full function remote control allows you to have total control over the frame from the comfort of your chair. This item is a great idea for the home and office, allowing you to display your photos with the added bonus of playing your favourite MP3 tunes as well - all of this at an incredibly low price!

And here's the second one: Elizabeth Arden Red Door only $26.95 RRP $128 now that's is a bargain.

OK slow down you want to know where to get them don't you.

just click into here

Online Shopping :  Bargain Shopping at

and search by name of product and shop till you drop or your fingers get tired!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Rush - Do you suffer from it?

Christmas comes but once a year!

HO HO HO and all of that. Just FOUR weeks to go!!!!

Here is a cure for Christmas rush.
1.Sit down with the family and plan what you are going to do this Christmas NOW or preferably in June (but now that's too late so start today)
2. Map out who will be responsible for different aspects to whatever makes up your family Christmas. (a) Who is going to do the shopping and when?
(b) Who is going to do the cooking? What are you going to cook this year?
(c) Who is going to clean the house?
(d) When will you get a Christmas tree and who is going to put all those home made decorations on it?
3. If any thing has to be orderded Do it this week.
4. Start writing out all the Christmas greeting cards and writing your annual newsletter. Post them out next week
5. If you haven't cooked your Christmas cake Do it this weekend - no one will notice you didn't get it done last month! I do a great boiled fruit cake and store it with a dash of brandy - yum oh!
Let me know if you want the recipe.
6. Finish all Shopping by the end of next week no more shopping on Christmas eve do it right now online here.

Online Shopping :  Bargain Shopping at

7. Prepare all your "gifts of time" vouchers, as previously suggested.
8. I try to get a Christmas pudding from the local CWA ladies, they are all good cooks and that saves time too.
9. Make a note in your diary to attend all the school/community functions, including your local Carols by Candle light.
10. Wrap all the little presents and deliver to your friends between the 15th and 21st December.
11. Put on your favourite music sit down with a glass of your favourite refreshment and wait till Santa comes on the 25th December.
12. Attend your local church service, sing your best, and be thankful Christmas is only once a year just like your birthday! Christ only has one birthday but we all get to have the holiday and give the gifts.

Now that we have dealt with Christmas rush did you remember to plan your holiday away? I'll help you with that next time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Family-=- New Christmas Traditions

Start your new family traditions this year.
Your new family will love having their own traditions to pass on.
Start by getting them involved with making their own Christmas decorations!

Even if you have a tight budget to work to there are ways to make your Christmas special.
Start teaching your family about the gift of time! The value we place on time is changing. The value of spending quality time together is important.

Give a gift of your time to each family member this Christmas. Make a voucher with any sort of "gift of your time" I suggested some on a previous Christmas budget post.

Christmas does not have to be about spending a lot of money.
Here are some places to shop where you will save money:
GetDirect n Save upto 80% at clearance prices. You will not be disappointed.

So what do they have?

For $29.99 instead of paying $149.00 you could have one of these for your budding student who needs to save things froma computer: like "homework"!!!!

Kingston DataTraveler 100 8GB USB Flash drives are ideal for home office, small business, schools and promotions. They're affordable and put mobile storage in nearly anyone's hands. Features: • Capacities – 8GB • Ultra portable storage device • Dimensions – 2.64" x 0.80" x 0.35" (66.9mm x 20.4mm x 9.0mm) • Weight - 0.4 oz (11.3 g) • Operating Temperature – 0° to 60° C / 32° to 140° F • Storage Temperature – -20° - 85° C / -4° to 185° F • Compliant – Designed to Hi-Speed USB 2.0 specifications • Convenient – Pocket-sized for easy transportability • Simple – Just plug and play into a USB port • Practical – Capless • Color - Black

Now you could give this to your "student" and also make them a gift voucher so they get 2 hours extra time on the computer!

What else?

LED motion sensor light now these a great for the young or old! Just place them so they come on and show you the way at night, just in case you need to get up to the bathroom!
Now they are only $14.99 and the RRP is $39.99

Do you know anyone with an Iphone? Then they will love this next suggestion.

This Touch Pen Stylus for Apple 3G iPhone and iPod touch lets you type, tap and scroll effortlessly on your iPhone or iPod touch. We all know typing on the iPhone or iPod touch can be frustrating at times. This Touch Pen Stylus is the perfect solution as it lets you type with precision and tap or scroll with ease. Soft-touch tip won't scratch your screen. Features: • Lets you type with precision • Enables easy tapping, double-tapping and scrolling • Built-in shirt clip • Light-weight aluminum body with soft-touch rubber tip • Works with Apple iPhone and iPod touch touch-screens • Compatible : Apple iPhone / 3G iPhone / iTouch ( 4GB / 8GB / 16GB ) • Comes in a pair ( 2X ) The ultimate Screen Guard Protection for your 3G iPhone screen, almost impossible to detect, clear transparent screen guard offers protection against scratches and dirt, anti-scratching and durable guard helps protect your 3G iPhone screen against daily usage and scratches. It has a High Light Transmission Rate which Offers a high visible light transmission that has minimal effect on the brightness of your 3G iPhone display. With UV Protection reduces the strain of your eyes by Filtering the UV light emitted from Your 3G iPhone display.Screen Guard is easily installed and is bubble free when installed.Features : • Fits Apple 3G iPhone only • Against scratching, scraping & abrasion • Resistance to erosion and finger-print • Removable without leaving residuary mark • Self-Adhesive & Re-Usable • Almost impossible to detect ,clear transparent • Screen Guard offers ultimate protection against scratches and dirt • Comes in a pair ( 2X )

Ok so that is a few more of my suggestions to keep the spending down. If you read my previous posts you will gain some more knowledge about how to stretch the budget even further.
Happy shopping and don't forget the start a family tradition this Christmas.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ebay Tips and secrets

OK there are no secrets anymore.

All the secrets are out there you just have to know where to

get the right information.

Now some of us like the thrill of selling and sourcing a product

and packageing and posting it to our customers, and guess what? that's OK.

Here are some Tips I have found for you

1.Now, don't forget that when you're looking at ongoing things to sell on eBay, it's important to stick to one category and grow your 'cluster' of products one at a time.

The reason for this is so that you are
perceived as the 'expert' in your category and it

becomes much easier to dominate and make maximum profits in minimum time.

So tip number one choose a category you think you can work with. Go to Ebay and take a browse at all the categories. Hint: Lots are already over supplied so you will have to be clever at sourcing your product and adding excellent customer service.

2.Did you know that a whopping 54% of
listings on eBay never sell, let alone
get a single bid? Tip educate your self constantly about the best system for you to work with this guide might help.

3.Where will you get your stock?

Start by selling everything around the house you don't want anymore, while you are learning about a categorgy you may like to specialise in.

Once you've sold everything you don't need any more, you can ask your friends and family for help. After that, the word will quickly spread and people will come to you with more things than you'll know what to do with in a lot of cases. After that and you will have worked out the systems and after that - here is a link where you will be welcomed to sell their product and they will ship it to your customers for you! Drop shipping they call it and works for some.

Ok that's enough tips for one day I'll be back with more later. Go get a start now.

Oh ONE MORE tip did you know a piece of womens clothing sells every 9 seconds on ebay?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ebay - use it to help your budget

Now what am I on about?
Would you like to know how to sell on ebay?
Well this strategy just might help you get a bit of extra cash for Christmas of course!

Not only are you about to find out how to get rid of some of the biggest problems related to running an eBay business, but you are about to find out how to sell and where to get the most profitable kind of products you can possibly sell on eBay.
So what kind products am I talking about? I am talking about digital information products!
No packaging, no suppliers, no posting, sounds great then go over here and take a look.

HO HO HO and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas online shopping for Busy families

Too busy to go out shopping?
Shop at home this Christmas!

Ok so nothing new about shopping online - people have been doing it now for a long time.

All your Christmas shopping problems solved right here right now!

So here are some more of my Christmas shopping secrets. Now all of these will save you money, you will have lots of choice and they will all be delivered to you direct.
Relax take it easy shopping is a breeze when the shopping mall comes to you!
You are going to save time, you won't have to find a parking spot, you won't have to fight you way through the crowded shops, you can sit at your desk with a glass of wine and do your shopping in a relaxed calm manner!

1. Gift Vouchers yep nothing new here either, but did you know that in Australia you can buy gift vouchers for B&Bs they are available at this website and you can use them at participating B&Bs Australia wide. They are available here too. Now these make great Christmas presents but are great rewards for staff, a bithday gift or a wedding gift too!

2. Who do you know that might like one of these?

What are they? A breathalyser of course. Now not every one likes to have a few drinks at Christmas but quiet a few do and still many of those may overdo it a bit. Well you wouldn't want anyone you care for to be drink driving would you? So give them one of these preferably before Christmas parties take hold and rest assured you have provided a tool that is very useful to help keep someone safe. You can get it here.

GetDirect n Save upto 80% at clearance prices. You will not be disappointed.

3.Fishing lures! now who would want those I wonder?

Here you will find a great range.

Fishing Lures GALORE, Plus Polarised sunglasses and fishing merchandise. Click here for online deals on fishing lures and products.

Or you could go here too

Online Shopping :  Bargain Shopping at

Just click onto the banner and search for fishing lures, there is a huge variety.

4. Chocolates well you could have thought of those but did you know you can get some of the best here.
Luxury chocolates handcrafted using Belgian chocolate and the finest ingredients from Australia and Worldwide. Handmade chocolates and Single Origin pure chocolate bars as gifts or for personal indulgence! Australia wide next day delivery.

5. Not looking for chocolate? Then go to "Everything but flowers" and don't buy the chocolates!

Everything But Flowers

6. Rebel Sport now who do you know that wouldlike something from here? - Australia's Largest Online Sports Store

OK that's enough for now, let me know how you get on .

Oh I nearly forgot ---- I found a portable music station here great value 40% off RRP just right for the teenager and the Ipod!

Online Shopping :  Bargain Shopping at

Oh and here is another bargain you must have for the teenager and this one is only $19.99

normal RRP $69.99

Compact and highly portable, this Portable Speakers are the perfect travel companion for your iPod or other MP3 player. These high-performance speakers utilize matching twin neodymium micro drivers for clear audio n powerful sound.Specifications :•Works with all iPod models, including iPod nano and iPod with video•Works with any portable audio player with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack•Works with iPod and other MP3 players (not included)•These high-performance speakers utilise matching twin neodymium micro drivers for clear audio•Compact and highly portable design•Protective metal grilles•AC power ( not included ) or up to 10 hours of battery life with 4 AA batteries ( not included ) and you get them here
GetDirect n Save upto 80% at clearance prices. You will not be disappointed.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Christmas on a Budget Help is here

The secrets of having a nice family Christmas on a budget.
Merry Christmas to you all!
Now let's just start by saying that the purpose of Christmas is really to celebrate the birth of Christ and everyone would have that in their minds constantly when preparing for Christmas.
I would also like to say that Christmas is a season for giving, but does that mean spending a lot of money? Christmas is a time for sharing so why not start now and make your decorations - special family decorations those that mean something every year to your loved family members.
Well some maybe thinking that the Christmas budget will be a bit tight this year.
But here is some help for you.
I will give you some of my budget stretching secrets during the next few days to help solve all of your Christmas woes.
But I can't solve the family feuds or the stress of bringing families together - that's another set of tips to be reserved for much later.

Today I want to show you how to shop wisely. So read carefully and hope you find that the information is useful.

TIPS for busy families:
1. Give a gift of your time a "work" voucher
Make up a voucher for each family member promising some of your time. How often you chose to pledge your time is up to you.
Here are some of the things you might be able to offer:
Window Cleaning for Mum/Dad/Nan/Pop
Child minding for a young mum
Mow the lawn
Make a date to take someone on a picnic to a very special place.
Care for the Pet, walking /washing
Weed the garden
Clean the Car
2. Make Something
batch of biscuits
Make a Christmas cake
Prepare a Photo album of some special pictures you have taken through the year, decorate it your self.
Prepare a first aid kit for the car.
Decorate a small box and fill it with things you can purchase on your budget make it a theme.
3.Shop at the "charity shops"
This is a great way to pick up something for everyone. You help the "charity" by shopping there and giving them money to help others too. There are lots of ideas here too.
Jars to fill with things!!
Baskets to fill and decorate!!
Nice peices of china!!
New items of clothing are here somethings too!!
Wall hangings
4. Subscriptions
The local newspaper.
A favorite magazine.
40 South makes a great gift.

So that's a start. Now here are some very useful shopping links where you will save as well.

Online Shopping :  Bargain Shopping at

Now You can buy clean skin wine here also for a discount. My BIG TIP is to print up your own special Christmas labels for thewine and give to your friends and family!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Webhosting - reliable, dependable, cost effective

MD webhosting is a reliable host of one of my websites.

You may like to use them too.

Take this link over to check them out.

I use this one because:

1. There is no locked in contract

2. I can use their FREE web site builder, to build a simple website.

3. The support staff are always quick and efficient with my enquiries.

4. You may still be able to get a $100 coupon to start a google adwords campaign too.

Google Adwords Gurus

Now while we are talking about google adwords campaigns, would you like someone to set it up for you and manage it, so you can spend more time doing all the things you are good at in your business?

Well here is a link that will help you out there too. The friendly people will be able to help you understand google analytics and draft your adwords to target your market.

Hope you find these tips useful. Let me know how you get on!

Extra Tip of the day:

Sell gift certificates for your products. You'll make sales from the purchase of the gift certificate, when the recipient cashes it in. They could also buy other items from your web site.

Gift certificates are now available for Platypus Park Country Retreat accommodation in Bridport Tasmania, Australia come on over to the website and check out the range of rooms available. These gift certificates make great Christmas or birthday presents. This is such a relaxing place to spend a few days.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Become an EBay Pro

Would you be interested if I could solve some of your problems?

If You Are Tired of Constantly Shipping And Packaging Products,
Paying Outrageous Customs Charges And Barely Breaking Even With The Products You Sell On eBay, Then Discover…

The Secrets to Selling the Single Most Profitable Type of Product there is…And Keeping 100% of the Profit from Every Single Sale You Make!”

Not only are you about to find out how to get rid of some of the biggest problems related to running an eBay business, but you are about to find out how to sell and where to get the most profitable kind of products you can possibly sell on eBay.

Here is your answer

Hop on over to take a look at what I have for you today.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Amazing Marketing -Success in 30 days

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Please take a look at this opportunity today

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Los Angeles holiday Discounted Yipee!

Here us another great holiday deal for you.

$1699 -- Fly to LA on Australia's Newest Airline ex 3 Cities* new

Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne to Los Angeles

Top 20 deal - sells out quickly!

Travel dates: 1 March - 2 April & 18 April - 31 May 09

By Romain Rouillon
Travelzoo Staff

V Australia has just released hugely discounted fares to Los Angeles from three Australian cities, for just $1699 return, including tax. That's at least $300 OFF what other companies are charging to go to the City of Angels.

The sale fares are valid for travel from next year 1 March until 2 April and again from 18 April until 31 May.

The Los Angeles flights are available from the following cities:

  • Sydney ... $1699 (Select the $877 Departure, $814 Return)
  • Brisbane ... $1699 (Select the $882 Departure, $813 Return)
  • Melbourne ... $1699 (Select the $879 Departure, $814 Return)

How to book: To make your booking online with V Australia, click here. When we booked we found most dates available for a few dollars less than advertised.

Travelzoo Tip: Other departures cities are available with the same great savings, LA to/from- Hobart:$1930, Canberra:$1860, Adelaide:$1940.

Click here to search for great hotel deals in Los Angeles.

Where else would you like to go? I might be able to find it for you.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Here's Your next Holiday Destination

Today I am bringing you one of the best deals in travel to the Solomon Islands.

Why the Solomon Islands???? Well my son is Solomon!

Virgin Blue is celebrating its new route to the Solomon Islands from Brisbane, with all departure points now on sale to Honiara starting at $466 return (inc. tax), a huge chunk off regular fares which typically start from $1000 return for this exotic destination.

Valid for travel 2 December - 31 March.

  • Brisbane ... $466
  • Melbourne ... $573
  • Sydney ... $574
  • Canberra ... $577
I'd love to go but I can't right now but I hope you can. Let me know if you go!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Are you going Green? Get a GREEN health check now

Check your carbon footprint today.
See what you might be able to change to make the whole world a better place.

Sign up now for Green Globe Lite Health Check Framework

For proactive businesses that want to start addressing sustainability and climate change the Green Globe Lite program provides your business with an online user friendly Health Check Framework.

It assesses all key environmental performances areas within your business to help get you started.

By measuring your Greenhouse Gas emissions (carbon footprint) you will be prepared for mandated carbon reporting. You will be able to monitor how your energy and water consumption and you waste production compares to the Best Practice and Baseline figures for your industry sector.

To sign up for the Health Check Framework visit the Green Globe Lite website.
Did you know that if everyone in the world lived a typical Australian lifestyle, we would need the equivalent of three planet earths to supply our food, transport, shelter and services? How much carbon is your home using? Take a quick quiz to calculate your home’s carbon emissions. You’ll need your last four electricity and gas bills. Once you’ve calculated your home’s carbon emissions, why not take the seven day carbon challenge?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Positive Cash Flow - Learn How to Invest

Are you interested in making money using property without using all your own cash?

Have you heard of Rick Otton?

He is a typical Aussie bloke who has a great system for turning ordinary properties into cash machines.

He is straight forward and to the point, and that's what I like, so there is no BS with his information. Rick uses wrapping as a key way to help his students start their real estate investment career. In what some times can be a subject that is difficult to master, Rick makes it easy so people can follow his 1-2-3- system. It’s like paint by numbers, just follow the steps.

When learning from someone, make sure they practice what they are preaching. Rick is exactly doing that, not only does he teach his students, but he also invests using the same simple steps for his own personal success.

Go to to discover more information on Rick’s system and how you can benefit.

I'll talk to you later just get over there now.

P. S. Don’t forget go to for more information on how to make positive cash flow using a proven strategy

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Web Hosting - No Contracts

Get $100 free Google adwords voucher! BONUS!

Web Hosting from $9.90 per month! It is so easy give it a try today. Great way to start your web presence.

Fantastic Web Hosting

Just register your domain name from as little as $11.00 per year, and start building your website with the free web builder. It will be hosted on a monthly basis with no contracts.

Create your own simple website to get your online business up and running in just a few hours.

It's dead easy if I can do it anyone can!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New ways to invest in Real Estate

Have you been introduced to Rick Otten yet?

Maybe not. Rick is an Australian with great ideas about investing in Real Estate with out having loads of cash! Yes I know it's a novel idea that one, but Rick has been teaching people on several continents just how to go about it, become successful and wealthy, at the same time as helping other people into their own homes.

Rick Otton, is the original pioneer of creative property strategies in Australia and United Kingdom and is internationally admired by the property industry for his Positive Cash Flow and Little Or No Money Down Property Transactions.

So you are one of the people who think that is not possible. Well take a look at the links and learn a little more.

Head on over to Rick's main site and let him explain the basics to you and how he is willing to help you out. Let him show you how he has bought houses for $1.
Oh you still doubt that too! Well that one was documented on TV in Australia a few years back.

Learn about wrapping!

Don't just take my word for it, that this might revolutionise the way you think of controlling Real Estate, here's what others say.

"Rick Is Head And Shoulders Way In Front Of All Other People Who Are Doing It" I found out about Rick Otton approximately 2 years ago. Since then I’ve looked into 3 other people who are coaching with wrapping in Australia. Rick came up head and shoulders way in front of all the other people who are doing it. His business ethics, his standard and his systemis far better than anything I have ever seen. Currently using his system in my first property there’s probably $70,000 profit in it. So I recommend anyone who wants to get into wrapping or financing in real estate to buy Rick’s Wrap Pack and do his courses." Graham Horvath, Brisbane, Qld

"Having had the opportunity to speak with Rick personally, it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. The creativity Rick uses in structuring his deals blew me away. Rick knows his stuff on a global scale. His attitude of ‘whatever it takes’ is contagious and I feel a drive from within that I never knew I had. In terms of hands-on practical experience and in-depth education, follow and listen to everything this man says." Howard McRobbie - New South Wales

So there you go do a bit of clicking and learn a bit more about how to buy houses and sell them to others for a profit without having to outlay loads of cash!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can you Help?

How do you help the abused children of the world?

Does this happen in your town?

Why is one youth allowed to terrorise other children and is not brought to justice?

Has anyone else seen this phenomenon? It goes something like this.

A once nice well mannered boy slowly turns into a monster and continually threatens physical abuse, deliberately damages other peoples property, becomes a thief and an habitual liar, causes others to suffer physical abuse, and encourages others to participate in racial bullying. He becomes sly, calculating, sneaky and his reputation is building up to one who could never be trusted. He runs along to his parents and tries to blame everyone else for his short comings and all this appears to be condoned by the mother and step father in fact research has found that they openly encourage the child to “go out and get the other ****** kid.”

Research also shows that the child has been mentally and physically abused and now the child is trying to be just like the role models.

What does our social system or child welfare system do to help this poor unfortunate?

What is the right avenue to find help for these unfortunate people in our society?

Is bad behviour learned or in your Genes? I believe it is a conditioning of the individual, what do you think? Can it be removed or is it set in concrete once there?

The schools have been teaching children about bullying for many years, but it would seem now that most children are reluctant to report bullying because of the fear of retaliation. Likewise in the community people are reluctant to report bad behaviour because of the fear of retribution. How many times have you heard people talking about problems of vandalism but they don’t report it because they don’t want to get involved?

The justice system does not appear to favour the good citizens of the community to try to stamp out the nuisance element in their neighbourhood.

How are we going to change they way society thinks and acts? How are we going to teach the unfortunates of the world to live in harmony with the rest of us?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Get on over to Trip advisor

I love this site, use it all the time when I'm thinking of going somewhere. Travel is fun and sharing your knowledge it fantastic.

See all the places I've been. I might have been where you are now!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Don't Stress

Take the natural way out

This is what one 4 life customer has said:

My wife Shelley was getting little sleep at night. Her job was
causing much stress, and tension. I asked Shelley to call her
doctor and see what she suggested. She was prescribed a
stress relief medication. Shelley was on the medication for
about 2 weeks before complaining that now she couldn’t
sleep at all!
I told her to call her doctor again and she said to take Valium.
I said "NO WAY" - call her back and find out how long it will
take to get the original drug out of her system.
I was introduced to these transfer factor products at this time
and Shelley began taking the stress formula.
Two days later, I asked her how her day had gone and she
said it was a hard stressful day. About an hour later, she said
she was tired and was ready for bed.
She then had the first restful sleep she had had in about two
Morris Alexander

4 Life Transfer Factor products may help you in a range of stressful situations give it a try today, visit this online shop and have your chosen product delivered to your door or post box!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Natural Anxiety Remedy: Exercise And Anxiety Reduction

DO you suffer from anxiety?

Have you noticed that people in general these days are more anxious and have to contend with ever increasing levels of stress and anxiety in their lives. And while there are many conventional treatment options for someone suffering with anxiety, there are also a number of very effective techniques and methods you can implement yourself that will make a big difference in your ability to cope with the anxiety in your life.

Of course if your condition is a serious one these do it yourself treatments may not be enough and you will need the support of your chosen health care professional. However, oftentimes these additional self help methods can dramatically increase the results of whatever anxiety treatment option you chose while at the same time increasing your general sense of wellbeing while you are being treated.

If you are looking for an effective and easy to use self-help technique to help in treating your anxiety look no further than regular exercise. Research has shown conclusively that exercise has a very positive effect on a physical level as well as on a mental and emotional level. In many cases of depression and anxiety, exercise alone has been proven to dramatically decrease the incidence of attacks and the severity of the symptoms.

Regular exercise does a number of things that may be able to help you if you suffer with anxiety.

While seemingly a paradox exercise done on a regular basis can actually increase your levels of energy it is up with anxiety.
To someone who is chronically anxious their body is always "on"
and using energy at a rate considerably higher than someone who is relaxed more often than not. By exercising regularly the nervous system is to switch off to some degree allowing you to conserve more energy in performing your normal tasks.

If you are someone who is chronically anxious it might pay you to think about adopting a regular exercise programme into your day-to-day routine. The relatively small amount of energy you will use while exercising will pay you back ten fold when you start to conserve energy that you would have previoulsy used in a chronically anxious state.

Another big payoff for people who exercise regularly is the endorphin rush that accompanies vigorous exercise. Endorphins are hormones that are released into our system during exercise.
They make us feel good. They increase our sense of well-being.
And effect lingers after the exercise has stopped.

Some forms of exercise can help directly to relieve tension and tightness within muscles that lead to chronic pain patterns within people who suffer from anxiety. Yoga is an excellent example of this form of exercise.

It's important to remember that at this stage when you are just thinking about starting to exercise regularly that exercise does not need to be hard or difficult and that any form of movement or physical activity done regularly will give you the benefit you seek.

And whatever you do don't let your lack of exercise knowledge give you something else to get anxious about.

All you need to do is to simply get going. Of all the exercise is out there walking is probably the best to you to start with.
As you get fitter and stronger and more confident with physical activity you can start looking at other more exciting exercise options.

These days there are an endless number of exercise options for you to choose from. You can attend classes such as aerobics or Pilates classes. Martial arts classes are a great way to get fit and gain confidence which will undoubtedly help you reduce stress and anxiety. Weight training is another option. And even if you don't want to leave home, there an endless array of DVD instructional videos on all kinds of fitness activities to choose from.

Anxiety and the accompanying him mental, emotional and physical symptoms and stress that comes with it to be helped dramatically with the implementation of a regular exercise routine.

If you are someone suffering with anxiety, regular exercise provides you with an effective, affordable and, believe it or not, enjoyable way of not only relieving your anxiety but also helping you to increase the feelings of well-being and happiness in your life.

About the author:
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Friday, August 01, 2008

Your Carbon Footprint

The Future is Bright for Wood Burning

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the market for wood burning appliances. As environmental issues have pricked the social conscience, and people take steps to reduce their carbon footprint, there has been a preference to carbon neutral solutions over coal or gas fuel. Whilst coal, gas and other higher carbon fuels are suffering in terms of cost and high emissions, wood and wood based fuels are becoming more and more popular. Manufacturers and installers in this industry are reaping the benefits of increased sales and growth due to the levels of demand. Customers want the best of both; to have solutions that make their house comfortable and to save on carbon. Essentially customers still enjoy the charm of stoves that have a real flame.

The use of sustainable wood fuels is now considered a viable carbon neutral option for both the commercial and domestic market and when combined with other technologies could lead to the visionary zero carbon home of the future. Solid fuel is classed as wood, wood based biomass fuels and solid mineral fuels, amongst these wood biomass being the most environmentally friendly. Many people prefer the lifestyle choice of wood burning equipment and the industry body HETAS is on hand to ensure customers have access to high quality wood.

As a green customer if you are worried about the carbon miles incurred from transporting the wood, you should find it easy to source from local suppliers. The cost of purchasing wood is still relatively high but as demand continues to increase and the idea of carbon neutrality becomes the norm, price should start to fall.

HETAS is also there to make sure that you have access to the right products and services. They provide information on approved registered installers and independently test manufacturers' appliances so you can be confident of purchasing a product that complies with the current regulations. It is advisable to get your appliance installed by a registered HETAS installer not only for their skill and competence but to avoid the need to apply for a Building Notice from your local authority (which may cost over £200). Additionally by using a HETAS registered installer you have the peace of mind that your appliance has efficiency figures or CE marking, instructions in English, can be installed easily and gives you recourse for a refund if anything goes wrong.

As a renewable and carbon neutral energy source wood fuelled appliances are set to lead the way. An important consideration is the sourcing of sustainable wood in order for the carbon cycle to remain intact. Sustainable sources of wood include Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified wood, woodland managed under the Woodland Grant Scheme or wood felled after the issue (by the Forestry Commission of a Felling Licence).

When choosing wood it is better to buy by volume rather than weight because a large proportion of freshly felled wood is made up of water. Some of the best woods to burn in your wood burning appliance are ash, hornbeam, beech and hawthorn.

About the author:
For more information on using wood burning appliances please visit HETAS registered installers MK Fireplaces at MK Fireplaces are experts at installing wood burners, multi-fuel fires, gas fires and stoves.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Game of Golf

Exercise and sport is a great way to keep fit to maintain your good health.

Would you like to learn the basics of golf?
That would be BEFORE you take the Tasmanian Barnbougle Dunes challenge!

Here is something which might help those thinking of taking up the sport - it just might lead to better health too.
And just to help all those who may be suffering from some pain while thye are practicing to become the next Greg Norman take a look here.

Baseline Nutritionals

The golf course may seem a far-off-in-the-future place, where you will not set foot for a long time. But it is helpful to understand the layout of the course to understand what you must learn. When I teach I like to put the pieces of the puzzle together as promptly as possible. Understanding the golf course allows you a look at the big picture, so you can figure out where to put the pieces.

A regulation golf course consists of 18 holes. There are generally three lengths of holes: par 3s, par 4s, and par 5s. The length or yardage of the hole, which will be listed on your scorecard, determines the par. The length or yardage of the hole, which will be listed on your scorecard, determines the par. For our purposes, a par 3 is a short hole, a par 4 is a medium-length hole, and a par 5 is a longer-length hole, which can often look like an eternity to a new golfer.

I remember playing a par 5 at Frenchman's Creek and burying my tee shot into a cork tree. After wedging the golf ball from out of the trunk, not being happy, with my playing partner laughing at me, I remeber looking up and realizing that I had over 400 more yards to travel. This felt like a five-mile-long par 5 at this point.

Par is the score that an expert golfer would expect on a hole under normal weather conditions, including two strokes on the putting green. So, in other words, on a par 3 an expert golfer would hit the ball onto the green in one shot, on a par 4 in two shots, and on a par 5 in three shots, each allowing two puffs for the computation of par.

Now, are you an expert golfer? It is probably safe to assume no, due to the fact that you are reading this book for beginners. So scoring par would certainly be fun but is probably not a reasonable expectation at this time, nor it is a requirement for having fun.

The most important component of the golf course is the hole, not to be confused with the cup. The cup, a four-and-one-quarter-inch hole in the green, is lined by a metal or hard plastic lining, sunk, by mandate of the rules of golf, at least one inch below the level of the green. The cup, the ultimate objective of the player of each hole,is marked by a flagstick, apole about six feet in height, usually with a cloth flag attached.

The goal of the game of golf is to advance the ball with your golf course is the hole, not to be confused with the golf clubs from the teeing area provided on each hole to the putting green and into the cup provided on each hole in as few strokes as possible. There are
18 holes on a regulation golf courses; therefore, you will attempt to do this 18 times. So, in other words, I have to teach you to get from here to there in the fewest number of strokes possible.

About the author:, provides tips and information in picking up golf, getting good and cheap golf clubs, golf balls, golf equipments, planning for golf vacations and many more on golf .....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Boost your Immune System

Do yourself a favour and give your immune system a boost. You'll feel better, perform better, in your daily routine and cope better with the stress of life. And all that for a daily dose of just 30ml!

So you doubt that! Well don't take my word for it read the "real" testimonials.

Both my partner & I have noticed a great increase in our
energy levels since taking the liquid transfer factors/Acai
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Steve Mack

Being an up and coming middle distance runner I am
required to train hard. Due to the hard training I do 6 times a
week my immune system can be left vulnerable to colds &
flus during and after training - especially during winter.
I started taking transfer factors 4 months ago; since then I
have not had one cold. My training times on the track have
improved out of sight. I have so much energy during my
training sessions. I also have more energy after training too!
I love this product and my gigantic running improvements are
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I was overweight and fatigued.
I started taking transfer factor and three days later my 8 year
old granddaughter asked me why I was walking so fast? I
told her that I have more energy!
Joe McKenzie Jnr

I started taking transfer factors even though I consider myself
a ‘well’ person. But as I’ve advanced in years, I found that at
the end of a working day I was getting very tired.
After just a few days on transfer factor I had more energy, felt
better within myself and was not as weary as I had been,
right up to the time of going to bed..
Rob McLaren

I have been using the liquid transfer factor with acai berries
for 8 weeks and have found amazing extra energy!
This is enabling me to work full working days, whereas
previously, I would need to rest in the afternoon for a couple
of hours.
It is truly wonderful.
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RioVida® Tri-Factor™ Beverage
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4Life's brand-new RioVida Tri-Factor Beverage formula’s got real punch. Riovida is the only beverage in the world that provides the benefits of NanoFactors, 4Life's patent-pending extract of immune-enhancing NanoFactors®.

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Only RioVida gives the immune support of 4Life's® Transfer Factor and the energizing effects and the antioxidants contained in the amazing Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) berry, the Brazilian berries that vitalize with over 120 antioxidants. Plus powerful antioxidant "black" fruits like pomegranates, blueberries, elderberries and purple grapes!
Transfer Factor – raises immune function 283%
Açaí - the world’s #1 super food
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You not only get a powerful product to help you through the day but a very helpful and sincere person to give you all the added information you may require. Here is one recemt quote
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L. Miller. USA

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I have noticed that my energy levels have increased since
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Even with late and restless nights that come with having a
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I like to play sports eg. Football & Basketball but was really
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30yrs old things were only starting to go downhill.
But since taking the liquid transfer factors, I have really
noticed a difference in my energy & stamina.
I have a lot more get up & go.
Jamie Podmore

Saturday, July 19, 2008

USA Holiday in AUS

Experience the finest in international travel and accomodation services with!!!

I have recently read the Tourism Australia Research data on visitors to Australia. Here is just one section of interest. Other countries make interesting reading as well I may post about those later on.

USA Visitor Summary
In 2007, there were 459,733 visitors to Australia, an increase of 1% from the previous year, making the USA Australia's fourth largest inbound market for arrivals.

  1. In 2007, the average length of stay for US visitors was 23 nights, lower than the average of 30 nights for all visitors
  2. American travellers accounted for 6% of all international visitor nights in Australia in 2007.
  3. The USA is Australia's second largest source market in terms of total expenditure. In 2007, travellers from the USA spent a total of $2.5 billion on trips to Australia, with an average expenditure of $5,756 per trip.
  4. In 2007, 41% of USA visitor nights were spent in dispersed areas, that is outside the major gateways of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
  5. In 2007, July was the peak month for visitors from the USA, followed by December and March.

  6. In 2007, the most popular State or Territory for visitors from the USA was New South Wales with 288,269 or 67% of visitors, staying for 3.6 million nights.

Where do they go?

But I notice that most of the USA visitors are missing out on one of the best Australian expereinces - Tasmania. Very few, as a percentage of the total actually visit Tasmania which means they don't get to see this beautiful environment so widely written about.

What do they do?

The top five activities for visitors from the USA in 2007 were:

  1. eatout at restaurants and or café's,
  2. sightseeing,
  3. go shopping for pleasure,
  4. go to the beach (including swimming, surfing
    and diving)
  5. and visit pubs, clubs; discos

This sugests to me that they don't get out of Sydney (NSW) much, which after all is just another city! Perhaps they are all country folk who like a city fix while on holiday!

What about going to some of the out of the way places? Somewhere like Uluru, Kakadu, The Reef, Cradle Mountain, Freycinet. to experience some "nature based" activities.

The USA visitors seem to be bucking the trend, others visitors love to come for nature.

How do they know where to go?

They do spend a heap of money on organised tours though and plan about 3-6 months in advanced, and they use the internet for their planning.

  1. The most common source of information for first time travellers from the USA was the internet, this was used by 52% of first time visitors when planning their travel.

  2. In 2007, a total of 271,3540 or 63% of visitors from the USA used the internet when planning their trip to Australia.

  3. Most visitors from the USA (57%) used the internet to find out more about Australia after they decided to visit
  4. while 54% also used it to help plan their trip itinerary.

So they are not unlike most in that regard. We have all embraced the internet as a source of information above all other.

So happy holiday planning to you all --- it is a very complex area but there are heaps of ways to find the right way to research your great holiday location - - -- - - - - - - -


Direct Flights

The information in this data is presented in good faith and on the basis that neither Tourism Australia or
Tourism Research Australia, nor their agents or employees, are liable (whether by reason of error, omission,
negligence, lack of care or otherwise) to any person for any damage or loss whatsoever which has occurred
or may occur in relation to that person taking or not taking (as the case may be) action in respect of any
statement, information or advice given in this publication. Data derived from Tourism Research Australia
surveys are subject to sample error. Users of the data are advised to consult the sample error tables
contained in Tourism Research Australia publications or otherwise available from Tourism Research
Australia before drawing any conclusions or inferences, or taking any action, based on the data

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Register your own Domain Name

Make your Name Pay!

Have you ever thought of creating your own domain name and making money? Bet your parents didn't realise how valuable your name might be in the future either!

When you're noticed by your Prospects, you'll have a much better chance of making money.

With everybody knowing just how powerful the Internet really is, it's easy to stand out from the crowd.

All you need to do is get a DOMAIN NAME that is your actual name and set up a blog and e-mail addresses at that domain.

For example, if your name is "Gina Scott", you can register http://www.gina for yourself at about $10/year, provided it hasn't already been registered by another John Smith somewhere else in the world.

You can set up a Blog at your new web adress where you can put up your thoughts and promote whatever it is you wish to promote. You can create e-mail addresses that look like the following: this will look more professional; ceo@ john smith .com, whatever@

Can you already see the benefits you may enjoy?

* Tell your friends and family about your new domain and see how impressed they will be.

* Tell your boss about it and watch him (or her) sit up and take notice at your initiative.

* Write your personalized e-mail in your resume and inform the interviewer for your prospective job about it and watch them make a note of your resourcefulness and enterprise.

Wherever you go and whoever you inform of your self-titled domain and e-mail will remember you for it, in a great way!

And now, for the first time, people will start noticing you online as well, as they visit your blog and read your posts.

So many advantages, at such a small cost. The SOLOBIS PDN Plan is a must have for anyone and everyone.

Find out more and secure your domain today at once before someone else does.

Do this quickly, before someone else with the same name grabs it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Taking Pets On HOLIDAY

Great holiday locations are where you can take the whole "family"

Is your property truly pet-friendly? Customers or potential customers ask this question all the time.
More and more people are choosing to take their pets away with them, and this growing and discerning market is demanding more than just a dog bowl and kennel to make Fido happy.

Several web sites survey visitors every month, and are receiving an increasing number of comments relating to properties and their 'pet-friendly' status. I have included a couple of quotes to highlight the concerns of people who wish to travel with their pets.

Motor bike and pet friendly now that's a cool place to stay...Fido had his own sunglasses,head scarf, and seat and harness to keep him safe and comfortable. He was satisfied to sleep outside on the verandah and go for a walk when nature called!

"Are dogs allowed inside, or only outside; restrictions on dog size; things like that. In this instance I had to make specific enquiries with the property owner. All was well, but additional information could have been provided on the listing to help me decide whether it was worth making further enquiries or not."
"People travelling with dogs need much more information about what is provided. 'Pet-friendly' is not sufficient. We need to know: are they welcome inside? Is the property fenced? Fenced balcony? Whole yard? Size of yard? An information pack about local dog by-laws such as which beaches allow dogs would be really useful, along with recommended walks for people with dogs. This is the information dog people want. I would prefer this information to be on the listing, so I don't have to disclose all of my contact details just to find out if the property meets my needs."

This is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed and those who best meet the needs of people travelling with pets will be the ones to capitalise on a increasing market. Therefore if you are an accommodation provider, and really want to be pet friendly, take note and provide your potential customer with more information on the websites you are listed.

Pet Friendly Tips:

  1. Fence a section of the property where pets can roam/exercise freely.

  2. Provide feeding bowls.

  3. Provide shelter for both good and bad weather.

  4. Provide furniture covers for those pets who demand to sit on the lounge with the owner.

  5. Take a pet bond to cover any damage.

  6. Provide plastic bags and receptical for the "pet doings"
  7. Ask that the pet is vaccinated and has had a bath before arrival.
Hope this helps both providers and guests to understand some of the issues of taking pets on holiday.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Why do you Advertise?

Why advertising doesn't sell...

Communication experts generally agree on the stages of the communication process: unawareness, awareness, comprehension, conviction, and finally action.

Creating awareness is advertising’s easiest job and may be quickly accomplished. Your advertising can easily move prospects from unawareness to an awareness of your business, product or service.

Developing understanding (comprehension) requires more advertising effort and more time.

Advertising must now be asked to move the prospective customer to an understanding of who you are, what you stand for, the quality of your products or services and your promise of customer satisfactions.

Creating preference or trust takes even longer. When trust is achieved you will attract customers and establish a consumer franchise for your business. When trust is achieved you will own your segment of the market.Read more about why advertising doesn't sell...With thanks to Jeff Dostal, Marketing Fire Power

OK I haven't actually made up all the words for this one but it is all very true. All small business face the challenge of a small marketing budget and how to get more customers. This link just might help someone to understand a little more of the marketing puzzle.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Food Handling Tips

Here is a great timely warning about food handling which I am happy to pass onto all my friends. Read Donalds great tips on food handling.
Remember when you are preparing food for gatherings to keep things refrigerated for as long as possible. I even use the freezer to pop things into for a sort time when I am running out of fridge space.

Natural Healthy Skin

I found this article which I think is right to the mark, have a read and my best wishes for healthy skin.

People will spend a fortune each year on skin care products.
However, there are still many people who have not tried natural skin care remedies. They are just as effective and much better for your skin as well.

Some of the non-natural options people choose are dermabrasions, chemical peels, botox and other procedures that are just not particularly good for you. Have you ever seen anyone who has had botox treatments? They look like they have a permanently surprised expression or no expression at all.

Natural skin care remedies will not involve the injecting of a potentially dangerous toxin called botulinum into your face, which is exactly what botox does. If you want your skin surgically 'scuffed' to remove any irregularities then a dermabrasion is for you.

Obviously, this is not a particularly natural thing to undergo.
If you want an acidic chemical applied to your face to remove a layer of skin then a chemical peel is what you need.

In order for people to maintain a youthful appearance, they do not need to undergo these drastic and at times very expensive options. Natural skin care remedies such as olive oil or green tea can be used as an effective method. The ingredients found in green tea products provide a natural antioxidant that helps to keep the skin hydrated, which helps to smooth out lines and wrinkles.

You can add natural skin care remedies to your bath in the form of herbal aromatherapy oils. In this manner, your skin is healed and cleansed by the essential oils. You can also use bath teas, which also helps to promote healthy skin and hair.

If you have a skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis then these bath tea oils with help the cleaning and restoring your skin. It is also great for your hair especially if you have dandruff or an itchy scalp. There are many different natural methods to caring for your skin.

Another example of a home remedy is to mix equal parts of lime juice, rose water and glycerin. If you apply this to your face every night before bed then you will notice an improvement in your complexion as it makes the skin softer and helps remove acne and other blemishes.

In conclusion, why not choose natural skin care remedies over chemicals or other invasive choices such as botox. You will find many different types of natural methods and natural creams to choose from, find one that works best for you and stick with it.

About the author:
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ural massage oils
along with information on massage therapy continuing education. Visit us now for all your skin care information.

By D.Karlson

Friday, July 04, 2008

I want you to Feel Great

Protect your first impression assett

Ageless Skin Serum

Now I know there are just 100,000's of people, mainly women who will just love this product. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Not another scam!

Here is the latest scam I have been warned about. Please feel free to pass it on to all your friends.

SCAMwatch is warning the Australian community to beware of death threat spam text messages from scammers pretending to be a hired hitman in order to extort thousands of dollars from their victims.
SCAMwatch and several police and law enforcement agencies across Australia have received reports of text messages warning the recipient that they have been targeted for death- but will be spared if they pay up.
These hoax death threats typically involve SMS text arriving out of the blue from what appears to be an international number. In some cases the number appears to be blocked.
A typical message reads: "Someone paid me to kill you. If you want me to spare you, I'll give you two days to pay $5000. If you inform the police or anybody, you will die, I am monitoring you."
Some of the messages are long and contain all the text, while others are broken up into shorter messages. Also, reports indicate the requested amount can vary from between $1000-$50,000. The scammers also provides payment details and an email address to their victims.
This scam is designed to frighten the recipient and has already snared victims across Australia and in other countries. SCAMwatch urges you to warn your family, friends and colleagues about this scam.
Anyone who has received emails or text messages of this nature should ignore them- don't respond and don't send any money to the scammers.
The scammer may also ask you to provide personal information, including your banking details. SCAMwatch strongly urges you to ignore this request as your identity may be compromised, and you may risk being a victim of identity theft.
If you have received any threats like this, contact SCAMwatch- visit the report a scam page or call the ACCC Infocentre on 1300 302 502. Noting the text and the phone number may assist in any investigations of the scam.
Should you ever be concerned about your physical safety, contact your local police.
Stay one step ahead of the scammers. Explore SCAMwatch for more tips on how to recognise and protect yourself from scams.

I hope this helps someone!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Accommodation Booking Scams

When you are an accommodation operator you are subject to almost every scam on the internet.
Here is an example of the type of email which has been doing the rounds of Australia for a few years now. This one has just been received. What we find is that the wording just changes slightly but the content is basically the same.

I suspect it is a "get rich quick" credit card "scam - scheme" which so many must have been sucked into!
We're tired of it - Do these sorts of scams happen in other countries?
Perhaps you own an accommodation business, do you get these annoying time wasters as well?

From: Franklin Great []
Sent: Wednesday, 2 July 2008 6:48 PM

I have a reservation request for a group of 4 persons (2 couples)that I
will like to stay with you. Arrival will be August 9th and departure
August 23rd,2008 (2 weeks,flexible dates).If you can accommodate them,
kindly advise on the following points;

1. Total cost for the whole period.This total must include all tax and
service charges if applicable.

2. Do you accept credit cards for prepayments? I am away on another
engagement and can only pay you via credit card transactions.

3. Please advise if you can make payments to a third party on my behalf as
it will facilitate the speedy conclusion of this transaction.

4. In the event that you do not have availability for those dates,please
advise on the following dates in September 2008,September 13th to 27th to
be precise.
Like I mentioned above, preferable payment method will be direct by credit
card deductions.Thank you and looking forward to hearing from soon.

Kind Regards,Franklin Great. You're not serious!
Priory Street,University complex Don't think so!
Coventry CV1 5FB,United Kingdom.
+447045780276 REally! lets try ringing them.
+442070221691 Fax

Just look at the email addresses Did they forget who they were?
Do they have so many email addresses they forgot which one to use? Yahoo and hotmail dead give away!!!!!

The Universities don't know about these people either, when we check!

If you know who is behind these scams let me know we would love to find out if any are rich yet???

Famous Cobram Concreters

Look at this bunch of happy workers - they are all smiling - the job's going well down in Tassie.

Cobram Concreting landed a job constructing a rotary dairy near Bridport in June. They found the accommodation very comfortable at Platypus Park Country Retreat, where their hosts made up the fires each day to ensure they were warm at night even if the days were a bit on the cool side.

The boys were missing their mothers though - no one to cook the dinner, do the washing, pick up after them, but they managed to survive on Pizza and Solo! Oh, and they may have been to the pub once or twice.

The head of the gang is Pino Raco and his happy band of men are sons Robert,Tony and Michael and Joe and Andrew make up the hard working team - Do you know them?

This is not their first visit to Tassie they have been constructing rotary dairies in Tasssie for some time now, they are considered the "experts". So if you need a dairy constructed give Cobram Concreting a call I'm sure they'll be able to help you out!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More Tasmanian holiday

This was not a tour for visiting all the great wineries and indulging in seafood as one of us was not a seafood lover and one only likes certain things and the driver was the only one who likes drinking wine and eating lots of seafood. So we had to by pass all the finer things in life to keep the teenagers reasonably happy.

We wound our way out of Coles Bay and down the coast to Swansea, where I had to see two B&B operators, Meredith House and Schouten House. While I was having a chat I sent the children off on a foreshore walk which seems to have not taken very long at all before they are texting me to ask where I was? Well of course I was still having a cuppa and a chat with my colleagues so they had to find their way back.

Swansea is another popular coastal holiday destination for Tasmanians. There are hunreds of holiday homes and the shopping is much better than Coles Bay. Doesn't look crowded today but come back in the peak summer season and have a look!

Headland walk starts here.

We cruise in and out of Triabunna I never find this town has alot to offer the visitor but there is one point of interest the Dead man island it is an early burial site and head stones are still visible. The ferry to Maria Island also departs from Triabunna.

All of these coastal towns have wonderful public picnic and BBQ facilities and childrens playgrounds. We have a long way to go today - lets go.

We arrive at Orford at lunch time. Someone had said you should go to Scorchers for lunch they have great woodfired pizzas. We had been there on a previous trip and had great hot chocolates so that's where we headed. NOT on a Wednesday - we are closed says the sign. Just as well the bakery was open we grabbed some excellent wraps and ate out on the Prossers river edge picnic tables.

Orford has always been a "southererns" holiday spot and again has a lot of holiday homes and a fantastic playground for children. It is at this point we must choose whether to go down the Wielangta Forest road or stay on the highway. We choose the Wielangta Forest so that we can visit the Thumbs reserve. Lock the wheels into 4WD again because this road IS going to be slippery and bumpy - guaranteed!

You wind your way up the hill to a great lookout at Thumbs reserve, complete with picnic facilities. When we arrive there is a family from Hobart just finishing their picnic lunch! We take in the view out over Schouten Island and the rest of the coast and jump in the car again to keep heading south.
Dark up here in the forest!
Half way down the Wielangta road there is another look out this is of Marions Bay - must get a snap of this too!

Would be very clear on a great day in Summer but it's winter and a very overcast day today - so we have to use our imaginations. The forest road brings us out onto the main highway at Copping where there is a friendly "cop" to wave you through - watch out for him you'll be surprised.

Now we are on our way to Dunalley famous for it's canal. No gondolas going up and down this one but thre have been quiet a few sailing boats and fishing boats using this canal to cut off some of their trip to Hobart town, it avoids going further south around the treacherous Tasman Peninsula and cuts off several hours at sea.

So across the canal and down the Tasman Penisula to Port Arthur. Now this was one of our goals for the journey to be in Port Arthur in time for a "ghost tour". We booked the tour at the visitor centre and went off to find some accommodation. Now I don't really like driving around in a strange place at night much so we stayed at the Port Arthur Villas your host is a kind talkative chap with lots of local tips for the visitor. We have chosen a nice two bedroom villa with all mod cons for an over night stay, and we are able to cook our dinner once again. Our tour was for 6:30pm - probably a bit early for GHOSTS!

Join me next time to find out.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tasmanian Holiday continues

So we have done the famous Wineglass Bay lookout walk.
TIP:Just make sure you are fit enough to attempt this, "gentle" up hill climb, be prepared for lots of stops to take in the views!

There are alot of other walks in this region but we don't have time on this trip for them all so it's off again to the easy to reach places.
Cape Tourville lighthouse walk - very easy even the people with prams can do this one! It's a misty rain that is coming in the first rain they have had in this rain shadow region for ages. So it's on with the rain coats and off we go just an easy 20 minute walk. The views up and down the coast are spectacular.

The children are not all that enthusiastic about walking about in the rain but it can be enjoyable with the right gear.

Loaded back into the vehicle and we stop off at Sleepy Bay - just gorgeous a quiet little spot to contemplate your blog! As you walk down the path you will see an unusual feature a rock with a large hollow in it! The beach is lovely and sheltered with crystal clear water.

"My Space" in Tasmania

Winding down the road a bit further we come to Honeymoon Bay where the is a lovely picnic spot and it's another beautiful sheltered little bay. I didn't find any honeymooners there but I bet there have been 1000's here during the summer!

Now we really must find somewhere to stay. It is getting a bit late for roaming around the countryside in winter, 4pm would still be quite early in summer though and you could keep exploring!

So lets ring my friend with a B&B and see where we will stay. Alan of Sheoaks has offered us one of the holiday homes he manages and it's right behind his house so that's perfect. The children are very impressed with staying at an ultra modern beach home. The views out over the bay are wonderful but you really never spend more than a minute taking in the view do you!Because the children loved the house so much they decided we should stay in so we decided to run out to the local shop to find something to cook for dinner - now that was a bit difficult. We come from a small coastal town with a permanent poplation of 1200, now apparently Coles Bay only has 100-150 were the quoted figures. This means that there is limited shopping facilities because all the locals go off to Bicheno or further for their shopping! So we had to make do with a little fresh seafood and some noodles.

We are really spoiled in Bridport because we have a butcher, bakery and a large supermarket as well as a small shop to cater to the needs of the visitor and the locals.
So the moral of the story is to make sure you have everything with you for dinner before you get to Coles Bay, unless of course you would like to take the family out to one of the expensive restaurants.

We had a very comfortable night in the pole/platform house which sways with the slightest of breeze. Cooked our free range eggs and bacon for breakfast, cleaned up, paid the bill had a chat with our hosts and we were off on the adventure again.

Next stop Port Arthur hope you join me in a while to catch up with which track we took!