Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Game of Golf

Exercise and sport is a great way to keep fit to maintain your good health.

Would you like to learn the basics of golf?
That would be BEFORE you take the Tasmanian Barnbougle Dunes challenge!

Here is something which might help those thinking of taking up the sport - it just might lead to better health too.
And just to help all those who may be suffering from some pain while thye are practicing to become the next Greg Norman take a look here.

Baseline Nutritionals

The golf course may seem a far-off-in-the-future place, where you will not set foot for a long time. But it is helpful to understand the layout of the course to understand what you must learn. When I teach I like to put the pieces of the puzzle together as promptly as possible. Understanding the golf course allows you a look at the big picture, so you can figure out where to put the pieces.

A regulation golf course consists of 18 holes. There are generally three lengths of holes: par 3s, par 4s, and par 5s. The length or yardage of the hole, which will be listed on your scorecard, determines the par. The length or yardage of the hole, which will be listed on your scorecard, determines the par. For our purposes, a par 3 is a short hole, a par 4 is a medium-length hole, and a par 5 is a longer-length hole, which can often look like an eternity to a new golfer.

I remember playing a par 5 at Frenchman's Creek and burying my tee shot into a cork tree. After wedging the golf ball from out of the trunk, not being happy, with my playing partner laughing at me, I remeber looking up and realizing that I had over 400 more yards to travel. This felt like a five-mile-long par 5 at this point.

Par is the score that an expert golfer would expect on a hole under normal weather conditions, including two strokes on the putting green. So, in other words, on a par 3 an expert golfer would hit the ball onto the green in one shot, on a par 4 in two shots, and on a par 5 in three shots, each allowing two puffs for the computation of par.

Now, are you an expert golfer? It is probably safe to assume no, due to the fact that you are reading this book for beginners. So scoring par would certainly be fun but is probably not a reasonable expectation at this time, nor it is a requirement for having fun.

The most important component of the golf course is the hole, not to be confused with the cup. The cup, a four-and-one-quarter-inch hole in the green, is lined by a metal or hard plastic lining, sunk, by mandate of the rules of golf, at least one inch below the level of the green. The cup, the ultimate objective of the player of each hole,is marked by a flagstick, apole about six feet in height, usually with a cloth flag attached.

The goal of the game of golf is to advance the ball with your golf course is the hole, not to be confused with the golf clubs from the teeing area provided on each hole to the putting green and into the cup provided on each hole in as few strokes as possible. There are
18 holes on a regulation golf courses; therefore, you will attempt to do this 18 times. So, in other words, I have to teach you to get from here to there in the fewest number of strokes possible.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Boost your Immune System

Do yourself a favour and give your immune system a boost. You'll feel better, perform better, in your daily routine and cope better with the stress of life. And all that for a daily dose of just 30ml!

So you doubt that! Well don't take my word for it read the "real" testimonials.

Both my partner & I have noticed a great increase in our
energy levels since taking the liquid transfer factors/Acai
berry juice product.
Steve Mack

Being an up and coming middle distance runner I am
required to train hard. Due to the hard training I do 6 times a
week my immune system can be left vulnerable to colds &
flus during and after training - especially during winter.
I started taking transfer factors 4 months ago; since then I
have not had one cold. My training times on the track have
improved out of sight. I have so much energy during my
training sessions. I also have more energy after training too!
I love this product and my gigantic running improvements are
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Ryan Samarzia

I was overweight and fatigued.
I started taking transfer factor and three days later my 8 year
old granddaughter asked me why I was walking so fast? I
told her that I have more energy!
Joe McKenzie Jnr

I started taking transfer factors even though I consider myself
a ‘well’ person. But as I’ve advanced in years, I found that at
the end of a working day I was getting very tired.
After just a few days on transfer factor I had more energy, felt
better within myself and was not as weary as I had been,
right up to the time of going to bed..
Rob McLaren

I have been using the liquid transfer factor with acai berries
for 8 weeks and have found amazing extra energy!
This is enabling me to work full working days, whereas
previously, I would need to rest in the afternoon for a couple
of hours.
It is truly wonderful.
Sheila Walton

RioVida® Tri-Factor™ Beverage
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Transfer Factor – raises immune function 283%
Açaí - the world’s #1 super food
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You not only get a powerful product to help you through the day but a very helpful and sincere person to give you all the added information you may require. Here is one recemt quote
"You have done such a great job ........... to get me informed of and with your business. I am a professional person that knows the ebb and flow of how people express themselves wherever they might be in their life’s journey You are very precise and equally sincere."
L. Miller. USA

The great thing with these products is that they are delivered right to your door (or postal address) it's magic a few clicks, a few days and there is your chosen boost sitting on your door step or in your mail box!

My kids can't stay away from it either ... so give it a go today!

I have noticed that my energy levels have increased since
taking the liquid Rio transfer factor with acai berries every
Even with late and restless nights that come with having a
newborn baby, I’m surprised at how I am able to keep going
so well.
I like to play sports eg. Football & Basketball but was really
starting to lack in the energy department, and once I hit
30yrs old things were only starting to go downhill.
But since taking the liquid transfer factors, I have really
noticed a difference in my energy & stamina.
I have a lot more get up & go.
Jamie Podmore

Saturday, July 19, 2008

USA Holiday in AUS

Experience the finest in international travel and accomodation services with!!!

I have recently read the Tourism Australia Research data on visitors to Australia. Here is just one section of interest. Other countries make interesting reading as well I may post about those later on.

USA Visitor Summary
In 2007, there were 459,733 visitors to Australia, an increase of 1% from the previous year, making the USA Australia's fourth largest inbound market for arrivals.

  1. In 2007, the average length of stay for US visitors was 23 nights, lower than the average of 30 nights for all visitors
  2. American travellers accounted for 6% of all international visitor nights in Australia in 2007.
  3. The USA is Australia's second largest source market in terms of total expenditure. In 2007, travellers from the USA spent a total of $2.5 billion on trips to Australia, with an average expenditure of $5,756 per trip.
  4. In 2007, 41% of USA visitor nights were spent in dispersed areas, that is outside the major gateways of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
  5. In 2007, July was the peak month for visitors from the USA, followed by December and March.

  6. In 2007, the most popular State or Territory for visitors from the USA was New South Wales with 288,269 or 67% of visitors, staying for 3.6 million nights.

Where do they go?

But I notice that most of the USA visitors are missing out on one of the best Australian expereinces - Tasmania. Very few, as a percentage of the total actually visit Tasmania which means they don't get to see this beautiful environment so widely written about.

What do they do?

The top five activities for visitors from the USA in 2007 were:

  1. eatout at restaurants and or café's,
  2. sightseeing,
  3. go shopping for pleasure,
  4. go to the beach (including swimming, surfing
    and diving)
  5. and visit pubs, clubs; discos

This sugests to me that they don't get out of Sydney (NSW) much, which after all is just another city! Perhaps they are all country folk who like a city fix while on holiday!

What about going to some of the out of the way places? Somewhere like Uluru, Kakadu, The Reef, Cradle Mountain, Freycinet. to experience some "nature based" activities.

The USA visitors seem to be bucking the trend, others visitors love to come for nature.

How do they know where to go?

They do spend a heap of money on organised tours though and plan about 3-6 months in advanced, and they use the internet for their planning.

  1. The most common source of information for first time travellers from the USA was the internet, this was used by 52% of first time visitors when planning their travel.

  2. In 2007, a total of 271,3540 or 63% of visitors from the USA used the internet when planning their trip to Australia.

  3. Most visitors from the USA (57%) used the internet to find out more about Australia after they decided to visit
  4. while 54% also used it to help plan their trip itinerary.

So they are not unlike most in that regard. We have all embraced the internet as a source of information above all other.

So happy holiday planning to you all --- it is a very complex area but there are heaps of ways to find the right way to research your great holiday location - - -- - - - - - - -


Direct Flights

The information in this data is presented in good faith and on the basis that neither Tourism Australia or
Tourism Research Australia, nor their agents or employees, are liable (whether by reason of error, omission,
negligence, lack of care or otherwise) to any person for any damage or loss whatsoever which has occurred
or may occur in relation to that person taking or not taking (as the case may be) action in respect of any
statement, information or advice given in this publication. Data derived from Tourism Research Australia
surveys are subject to sample error. Users of the data are advised to consult the sample error tables
contained in Tourism Research Australia publications or otherwise available from Tourism Research
Australia before drawing any conclusions or inferences, or taking any action, based on the data

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Register your own Domain Name

Make your Name Pay!

Have you ever thought of creating your own domain name and making money? Bet your parents didn't realise how valuable your name might be in the future either!

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Can you already see the benefits you may enjoy?

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Wherever you go and whoever you inform of your self-titled domain and e-mail will remember you for it, in a great way!

And now, for the first time, people will start noticing you online as well, as they visit your blog and read your posts.

So many advantages, at such a small cost. The SOLOBIS PDN Plan is a must have for anyone and everyone.

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Do this quickly, before someone else with the same name grabs it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Taking Pets On HOLIDAY

Great holiday locations are where you can take the whole "family"

Is your property truly pet-friendly? Customers or potential customers ask this question all the time.
More and more people are choosing to take their pets away with them, and this growing and discerning market is demanding more than just a dog bowl and kennel to make Fido happy.

Several web sites survey visitors every month, and are receiving an increasing number of comments relating to properties and their 'pet-friendly' status. I have included a couple of quotes to highlight the concerns of people who wish to travel with their pets.

Motor bike and pet friendly now that's a cool place to stay...Fido had his own sunglasses,head scarf, and seat and harness to keep him safe and comfortable. He was satisfied to sleep outside on the verandah and go for a walk when nature called!

"Are dogs allowed inside, or only outside; restrictions on dog size; things like that. In this instance I had to make specific enquiries with the property owner. All was well, but additional information could have been provided on the listing to help me decide whether it was worth making further enquiries or not."
"People travelling with dogs need much more information about what is provided. 'Pet-friendly' is not sufficient. We need to know: are they welcome inside? Is the property fenced? Fenced balcony? Whole yard? Size of yard? An information pack about local dog by-laws such as which beaches allow dogs would be really useful, along with recommended walks for people with dogs. This is the information dog people want. I would prefer this information to be on the listing, so I don't have to disclose all of my contact details just to find out if the property meets my needs."

This is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed and those who best meet the needs of people travelling with pets will be the ones to capitalise on a increasing market. Therefore if you are an accommodation provider, and really want to be pet friendly, take note and provide your potential customer with more information on the websites you are listed.

Pet Friendly Tips:

  1. Fence a section of the property where pets can roam/exercise freely.

  2. Provide feeding bowls.

  3. Provide shelter for both good and bad weather.

  4. Provide furniture covers for those pets who demand to sit on the lounge with the owner.

  5. Take a pet bond to cover any damage.

  6. Provide plastic bags and receptical for the "pet doings"
  7. Ask that the pet is vaccinated and has had a bath before arrival.
Hope this helps both providers and guests to understand some of the issues of taking pets on holiday.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Why do you Advertise?

Why advertising doesn't sell...

Communication experts generally agree on the stages of the communication process: unawareness, awareness, comprehension, conviction, and finally action.

Creating awareness is advertising’s easiest job and may be quickly accomplished. Your advertising can easily move prospects from unawareness to an awareness of your business, product or service.

Developing understanding (comprehension) requires more advertising effort and more time.

Advertising must now be asked to move the prospective customer to an understanding of who you are, what you stand for, the quality of your products or services and your promise of customer satisfactions.

Creating preference or trust takes even longer. When trust is achieved you will attract customers and establish a consumer franchise for your business. When trust is achieved you will own your segment of the market.Read more about why advertising doesn't sell...With thanks to Jeff Dostal, Marketing Fire Power

OK I haven't actually made up all the words for this one but it is all very true. All small business face the challenge of a small marketing budget and how to get more customers. This link just might help someone to understand a little more of the marketing puzzle.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Food Handling Tips

Here is a great timely warning about food handling which I am happy to pass onto all my friends. Read Donalds great tips on food handling.
Remember when you are preparing food for gatherings to keep things refrigerated for as long as possible. I even use the freezer to pop things into for a sort time when I am running out of fridge space.

Natural Healthy Skin

I found this article which I think is right to the mark, have a read and my best wishes for healthy skin.

People will spend a fortune each year on skin care products.
However, there are still many people who have not tried natural skin care remedies. They are just as effective and much better for your skin as well.

Some of the non-natural options people choose are dermabrasions, chemical peels, botox and other procedures that are just not particularly good for you. Have you ever seen anyone who has had botox treatments? They look like they have a permanently surprised expression or no expression at all.

Natural skin care remedies will not involve the injecting of a potentially dangerous toxin called botulinum into your face, which is exactly what botox does. If you want your skin surgically 'scuffed' to remove any irregularities then a dermabrasion is for you.

Obviously, this is not a particularly natural thing to undergo.
If you want an acidic chemical applied to your face to remove a layer of skin then a chemical peel is what you need.

In order for people to maintain a youthful appearance, they do not need to undergo these drastic and at times very expensive options. Natural skin care remedies such as olive oil or green tea can be used as an effective method. The ingredients found in green tea products provide a natural antioxidant that helps to keep the skin hydrated, which helps to smooth out lines and wrinkles.

You can add natural skin care remedies to your bath in the form of herbal aromatherapy oils. In this manner, your skin is healed and cleansed by the essential oils. You can also use bath teas, which also helps to promote healthy skin and hair.

If you have a skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis then these bath tea oils with help the cleaning and restoring your skin. It is also great for your hair especially if you have dandruff or an itchy scalp. There are many different natural methods to caring for your skin.

Another example of a home remedy is to mix equal parts of lime juice, rose water and glycerin. If you apply this to your face every night before bed then you will notice an improvement in your complexion as it makes the skin softer and helps remove acne and other blemishes.

In conclusion, why not choose natural skin care remedies over chemicals or other invasive choices such as botox. You will find many different types of natural methods and natural creams to choose from, find one that works best for you and stick with it.

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ural massage oils
along with information on massage therapy continuing education. Visit us now for all your skin care information.

By D.Karlson

Friday, July 04, 2008

I want you to Feel Great

Protect your first impression assett

Ageless Skin Serum

Now I know there are just 100,000's of people, mainly women who will just love this product. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Not another scam!

Here is the latest scam I have been warned about. Please feel free to pass it on to all your friends.

SCAMwatch is warning the Australian community to beware of death threat spam text messages from scammers pretending to be a hired hitman in order to extort thousands of dollars from their victims.
SCAMwatch and several police and law enforcement agencies across Australia have received reports of text messages warning the recipient that they have been targeted for death- but will be spared if they pay up.
These hoax death threats typically involve SMS text arriving out of the blue from what appears to be an international number. In some cases the number appears to be blocked.
A typical message reads: "Someone paid me to kill you. If you want me to spare you, I'll give you two days to pay $5000. If you inform the police or anybody, you will die, I am monitoring you."
Some of the messages are long and contain all the text, while others are broken up into shorter messages. Also, reports indicate the requested amount can vary from between $1000-$50,000. The scammers also provides payment details and an email address to their victims.
This scam is designed to frighten the recipient and has already snared victims across Australia and in other countries. SCAMwatch urges you to warn your family, friends and colleagues about this scam.
Anyone who has received emails or text messages of this nature should ignore them- don't respond and don't send any money to the scammers.
The scammer may also ask you to provide personal information, including your banking details. SCAMwatch strongly urges you to ignore this request as your identity may be compromised, and you may risk being a victim of identity theft.
If you have received any threats like this, contact SCAMwatch- visit the report a scam page or call the ACCC Infocentre on 1300 302 502. Noting the text and the phone number may assist in any investigations of the scam.
Should you ever be concerned about your physical safety, contact your local police.
Stay one step ahead of the scammers. Explore SCAMwatch for more tips on how to recognise and protect yourself from scams.

I hope this helps someone!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Accommodation Booking Scams

When you are an accommodation operator you are subject to almost every scam on the internet.
Here is an example of the type of email which has been doing the rounds of Australia for a few years now. This one has just been received. What we find is that the wording just changes slightly but the content is basically the same.

I suspect it is a "get rich quick" credit card "scam - scheme" which so many must have been sucked into!
We're tired of it - Do these sorts of scams happen in other countries?
Perhaps you own an accommodation business, do you get these annoying time wasters as well?

From: Franklin Great []
Sent: Wednesday, 2 July 2008 6:48 PM

I have a reservation request for a group of 4 persons (2 couples)that I
will like to stay with you. Arrival will be August 9th and departure
August 23rd,2008 (2 weeks,flexible dates).If you can accommodate them,
kindly advise on the following points;

1. Total cost for the whole period.This total must include all tax and
service charges if applicable.

2. Do you accept credit cards for prepayments? I am away on another
engagement and can only pay you via credit card transactions.

3. Please advise if you can make payments to a third party on my behalf as
it will facilitate the speedy conclusion of this transaction.

4. In the event that you do not have availability for those dates,please
advise on the following dates in September 2008,September 13th to 27th to
be precise.
Like I mentioned above, preferable payment method will be direct by credit
card deductions.Thank you and looking forward to hearing from soon.

Kind Regards,Franklin Great. You're not serious!
Priory Street,University complex Don't think so!
Coventry CV1 5FB,United Kingdom.
+447045780276 REally! lets try ringing them.
+442070221691 Fax

Just look at the email addresses Did they forget who they were?
Do they have so many email addresses they forgot which one to use? Yahoo and hotmail dead give away!!!!!

The Universities don't know about these people either, when we check!

If you know who is behind these scams let me know we would love to find out if any are rich yet???

Famous Cobram Concreters

Look at this bunch of happy workers - they are all smiling - the job's going well down in Tassie.

Cobram Concreting landed a job constructing a rotary dairy near Bridport in June. They found the accommodation very comfortable at Platypus Park Country Retreat, where their hosts made up the fires each day to ensure they were warm at night even if the days were a bit on the cool side.

The boys were missing their mothers though - no one to cook the dinner, do the washing, pick up after them, but they managed to survive on Pizza and Solo! Oh, and they may have been to the pub once or twice.

The head of the gang is Pino Raco and his happy band of men are sons Robert,Tony and Michael and Joe and Andrew make up the hard working team - Do you know them?

This is not their first visit to Tassie they have been constructing rotary dairies in Tasssie for some time now, they are considered the "experts". So if you need a dairy constructed give Cobram Concreting a call I'm sure they'll be able to help you out!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More Tasmanian holiday

This was not a tour for visiting all the great wineries and indulging in seafood as one of us was not a seafood lover and one only likes certain things and the driver was the only one who likes drinking wine and eating lots of seafood. So we had to by pass all the finer things in life to keep the teenagers reasonably happy.

We wound our way out of Coles Bay and down the coast to Swansea, where I had to see two B&B operators, Meredith House and Schouten House. While I was having a chat I sent the children off on a foreshore walk which seems to have not taken very long at all before they are texting me to ask where I was? Well of course I was still having a cuppa and a chat with my colleagues so they had to find their way back.

Swansea is another popular coastal holiday destination for Tasmanians. There are hunreds of holiday homes and the shopping is much better than Coles Bay. Doesn't look crowded today but come back in the peak summer season and have a look!

Headland walk starts here.

We cruise in and out of Triabunna I never find this town has alot to offer the visitor but there is one point of interest the Dead man island it is an early burial site and head stones are still visible. The ferry to Maria Island also departs from Triabunna.

All of these coastal towns have wonderful public picnic and BBQ facilities and childrens playgrounds. We have a long way to go today - lets go.

We arrive at Orford at lunch time. Someone had said you should go to Scorchers for lunch they have great woodfired pizzas. We had been there on a previous trip and had great hot chocolates so that's where we headed. NOT on a Wednesday - we are closed says the sign. Just as well the bakery was open we grabbed some excellent wraps and ate out on the Prossers river edge picnic tables.

Orford has always been a "southererns" holiday spot and again has a lot of holiday homes and a fantastic playground for children. It is at this point we must choose whether to go down the Wielangta Forest road or stay on the highway. We choose the Wielangta Forest so that we can visit the Thumbs reserve. Lock the wheels into 4WD again because this road IS going to be slippery and bumpy - guaranteed!

You wind your way up the hill to a great lookout at Thumbs reserve, complete with picnic facilities. When we arrive there is a family from Hobart just finishing their picnic lunch! We take in the view out over Schouten Island and the rest of the coast and jump in the car again to keep heading south.
Dark up here in the forest!
Half way down the Wielangta road there is another look out this is of Marions Bay - must get a snap of this too!

Would be very clear on a great day in Summer but it's winter and a very overcast day today - so we have to use our imaginations. The forest road brings us out onto the main highway at Copping where there is a friendly "cop" to wave you through - watch out for him you'll be surprised.

Now we are on our way to Dunalley famous for it's canal. No gondolas going up and down this one but thre have been quiet a few sailing boats and fishing boats using this canal to cut off some of their trip to Hobart town, it avoids going further south around the treacherous Tasman Peninsula and cuts off several hours at sea.

So across the canal and down the Tasman Penisula to Port Arthur. Now this was one of our goals for the journey to be in Port Arthur in time for a "ghost tour". We booked the tour at the visitor centre and went off to find some accommodation. Now I don't really like driving around in a strange place at night much so we stayed at the Port Arthur Villas your host is a kind talkative chap with lots of local tips for the visitor. We have chosen a nice two bedroom villa with all mod cons for an over night stay, and we are able to cook our dinner once again. Our tour was for 6:30pm - probably a bit early for GHOSTS!

Join me next time to find out.