Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New ways to invest in Real Estate

Have you been introduced to Rick Otten yet?

Maybe not. Rick is an Australian with great ideas about investing in Real Estate with out having loads of cash! Yes I know it's a novel idea that one, but Rick has been teaching people on several continents just how to go about it, become successful and wealthy, at the same time as helping other people into their own homes.

Rick Otton, is the original pioneer of creative property strategies in Australia and United Kingdom and is internationally admired by the property industry for his Positive Cash Flow and Little Or No Money Down Property Transactions.

So you are one of the people who think that is not possible. Well take a look at the links and learn a little more.

Head on over to Rick's main site and let him explain the basics to you and how he is willing to help you out. Let him show you how he has bought houses for $1.
Oh you still doubt that too! Well that one was documented on TV in Australia a few years back.

Learn about wrapping!

Don't just take my word for it, that this might revolutionise the way you think of controlling Real Estate, here's what others say.

"Rick Is Head And Shoulders Way In Front Of All Other People Who Are Doing It" I found out about Rick Otton approximately 2 years ago. Since then I’ve looked into 3 other people who are coaching with wrapping in Australia. Rick came up head and shoulders way in front of all the other people who are doing it. His business ethics, his standard and his systemis far better than anything I have ever seen. Currently using his system in my first property there’s probably $70,000 profit in it. So I recommend anyone who wants to get into wrapping or financing in real estate to buy Rick’s Wrap Pack and do his courses." Graham Horvath, Brisbane, Qld

"Having had the opportunity to speak with Rick personally, it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. The creativity Rick uses in structuring his deals blew me away. Rick knows his stuff on a global scale. His attitude of ‘whatever it takes’ is contagious and I feel a drive from within that I never knew I had. In terms of hands-on practical experience and in-depth education, follow and listen to everything this man says." Howard McRobbie - New South Wales

So there you go do a bit of clicking and learn a bit more about how to buy houses and sell them to others for a profit without having to outlay loads of cash!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can you Help?

How do you help the abused children of the world?

Does this happen in your town?

Why is one youth allowed to terrorise other children and is not brought to justice?

Has anyone else seen this phenomenon? It goes something like this.

A once nice well mannered boy slowly turns into a monster and continually threatens physical abuse, deliberately damages other peoples property, becomes a thief and an habitual liar, causes others to suffer physical abuse, and encourages others to participate in racial bullying. He becomes sly, calculating, sneaky and his reputation is building up to one who could never be trusted. He runs along to his parents and tries to blame everyone else for his short comings and all this appears to be condoned by the mother and step father in fact research has found that they openly encourage the child to “go out and get the other ****** kid.”

Research also shows that the child has been mentally and physically abused and now the child is trying to be just like the role models.

What does our social system or child welfare system do to help this poor unfortunate?

What is the right avenue to find help for these unfortunate people in our society?

Is bad behviour learned or in your Genes? I believe it is a conditioning of the individual, what do you think? Can it be removed or is it set in concrete once there?

The schools have been teaching children about bullying for many years, but it would seem now that most children are reluctant to report bullying because of the fear of retaliation. Likewise in the community people are reluctant to report bad behaviour because of the fear of retribution. How many times have you heard people talking about problems of vandalism but they don’t report it because they don’t want to get involved?

The justice system does not appear to favour the good citizens of the community to try to stamp out the nuisance element in their neighbourhood.

How are we going to change they way society thinks and acts? How are we going to teach the unfortunates of the world to live in harmony with the rest of us?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Get on over to Trip advisor

I love this site, use it all the time when I'm thinking of going somewhere. Travel is fun and sharing your knowledge it fantastic.

See all the places I've been. I might have been where you are now!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Don't Stress

Take the natural way out

This is what one 4 life customer has said:

My wife Shelley was getting little sleep at night. Her job was
causing much stress, and tension. I asked Shelley to call her
doctor and see what she suggested. She was prescribed a
stress relief medication. Shelley was on the medication for
about 2 weeks before complaining that now she couldn’t
sleep at all!
I told her to call her doctor again and she said to take Valium.
I said "NO WAY" - call her back and find out how long it will
take to get the original drug out of her system.
I was introduced to these transfer factor products at this time
and Shelley began taking the stress formula.
Two days later, I asked her how her day had gone and she
said it was a hard stressful day. About an hour later, she said
she was tired and was ready for bed.
She then had the first restful sleep she had had in about two
Morris Alexander

4 Life Transfer Factor products may help you in a range of stressful situations give it a try today, visit this online shop and have your chosen product delivered to your door or post box!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Natural Anxiety Remedy: Exercise And Anxiety Reduction

DO you suffer from anxiety?

Have you noticed that people in general these days are more anxious and have to contend with ever increasing levels of stress and anxiety in their lives. And while there are many conventional treatment options for someone suffering with anxiety, there are also a number of very effective techniques and methods you can implement yourself that will make a big difference in your ability to cope with the anxiety in your life.

Of course if your condition is a serious one these do it yourself treatments may not be enough and you will need the support of your chosen health care professional. However, oftentimes these additional self help methods can dramatically increase the results of whatever anxiety treatment option you chose while at the same time increasing your general sense of wellbeing while you are being treated.

If you are looking for an effective and easy to use self-help technique to help in treating your anxiety look no further than regular exercise. Research has shown conclusively that exercise has a very positive effect on a physical level as well as on a mental and emotional level. In many cases of depression and anxiety, exercise alone has been proven to dramatically decrease the incidence of attacks and the severity of the symptoms.

Regular exercise does a number of things that may be able to help you if you suffer with anxiety.

While seemingly a paradox exercise done on a regular basis can actually increase your levels of energy it is up with anxiety.
To someone who is chronically anxious their body is always "on"
and using energy at a rate considerably higher than someone who is relaxed more often than not. By exercising regularly the nervous system is to switch off to some degree allowing you to conserve more energy in performing your normal tasks.

If you are someone who is chronically anxious it might pay you to think about adopting a regular exercise programme into your day-to-day routine. The relatively small amount of energy you will use while exercising will pay you back ten fold when you start to conserve energy that you would have previoulsy used in a chronically anxious state.

Another big payoff for people who exercise regularly is the endorphin rush that accompanies vigorous exercise. Endorphins are hormones that are released into our system during exercise.
They make us feel good. They increase our sense of well-being.
And effect lingers after the exercise has stopped.

Some forms of exercise can help directly to relieve tension and tightness within muscles that lead to chronic pain patterns within people who suffer from anxiety. Yoga is an excellent example of this form of exercise.

It's important to remember that at this stage when you are just thinking about starting to exercise regularly that exercise does not need to be hard or difficult and that any form of movement or physical activity done regularly will give you the benefit you seek.

And whatever you do don't let your lack of exercise knowledge give you something else to get anxious about.

All you need to do is to simply get going. Of all the exercise is out there walking is probably the best to you to start with.
As you get fitter and stronger and more confident with physical activity you can start looking at other more exciting exercise options.

These days there are an endless number of exercise options for you to choose from. You can attend classes such as aerobics or Pilates classes. Martial arts classes are a great way to get fit and gain confidence which will undoubtedly help you reduce stress and anxiety. Weight training is another option. And even if you don't want to leave home, there an endless array of DVD instructional videos on all kinds of fitness activities to choose from.

Anxiety and the accompanying him mental, emotional and physical symptoms and stress that comes with it to be helped dramatically with the implementation of a regular exercise routine.

If you are someone suffering with anxiety, regular exercise provides you with an effective, affordable and, believe it or not, enjoyable way of not only relieving your anxiety but also helping you to increase the feelings of well-being and happiness in your life.

About the author:
Serge Taylor writes for you decide on a method for treating anxiety attacks, get your FREE anxiety and panic attack treatment report and check out the panicaway review to learn about the most powerful natural treatment for anxiety and panic attacks on the market today.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Your Carbon Footprint

The Future is Bright for Wood Burning

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the market for wood burning appliances. As environmental issues have pricked the social conscience, and people take steps to reduce their carbon footprint, there has been a preference to carbon neutral solutions over coal or gas fuel. Whilst coal, gas and other higher carbon fuels are suffering in terms of cost and high emissions, wood and wood based fuels are becoming more and more popular. Manufacturers and installers in this industry are reaping the benefits of increased sales and growth due to the levels of demand. Customers want the best of both; to have solutions that make their house comfortable and to save on carbon. Essentially customers still enjoy the charm of stoves that have a real flame.

The use of sustainable wood fuels is now considered a viable carbon neutral option for both the commercial and domestic market and when combined with other technologies could lead to the visionary zero carbon home of the future. Solid fuel is classed as wood, wood based biomass fuels and solid mineral fuels, amongst these wood biomass being the most environmentally friendly. Many people prefer the lifestyle choice of wood burning equipment and the industry body HETAS is on hand to ensure customers have access to high quality wood.

As a green customer if you are worried about the carbon miles incurred from transporting the wood, you should find it easy to source from local suppliers. The cost of purchasing wood is still relatively high but as demand continues to increase and the idea of carbon neutrality becomes the norm, price should start to fall.

HETAS is also there to make sure that you have access to the right products and services. They provide information on approved registered installers and independently test manufacturers' appliances so you can be confident of purchasing a product that complies with the current regulations. It is advisable to get your appliance installed by a registered HETAS installer not only for their skill and competence but to avoid the need to apply for a Building Notice from your local authority (which may cost over £200). Additionally by using a HETAS registered installer you have the peace of mind that your appliance has efficiency figures or CE marking, instructions in English, can be installed easily and gives you recourse for a refund if anything goes wrong.

As a renewable and carbon neutral energy source wood fuelled appliances are set to lead the way. An important consideration is the sourcing of sustainable wood in order for the carbon cycle to remain intact. Sustainable sources of wood include Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified wood, woodland managed under the Woodland Grant Scheme or wood felled after the issue (by the Forestry Commission of a Felling Licence).

When choosing wood it is better to buy by volume rather than weight because a large proportion of freshly felled wood is made up of water. Some of the best woods to burn in your wood burning appliance are ash, hornbeam, beech and hawthorn.

About the author:
For more information on using wood burning appliances please visit HETAS registered installers MK Fireplaces at MK Fireplaces are experts at installing wood burners, multi-fuel fires, gas fires and stoves.