Monday, March 15, 2010

Ah lovely Autumn in Tasmania

Don't you just love it!
The mornings are crisp, the days are still warm enough for T-Shirts, the beaches are not crowded so it's an ideal time for a walk, and the evenings are cool enough to sleep comfortably - just bliss.

Bridport is the ideal place to while away some well earned relaxation time now that the hot summer has passed. There are fantastic places to stay including Platypus Park Country Retreat, which is in a quiet location, not in the main street, but on 40 acres(17.5 hectares) of farm and river setting. You'll be amazed at the bird life in the peaceful garden, and you can walk to the Brid river where you might be able to spot a platypus!

The resident hosts are friendly, and helpful and go out of their way to assist weary travelers. If you arrive late they will even make sure you don't go hungry, just because all the shops and eateries are closed. They have a wonderful organic garden where you may purchase some fresh vegetables - always a bonus when on holiday - you do get tired of eating out all the time! Oh and the free range eggs - you just have to taste the difference.

The autumn colours are starting to appear in the North East region. The many poplar trees are starting to turn, and in a couple of weeks will all be glowing golden what a gorgeous sight.

Why don't you take a break in the North East of Tassie right now and enjoy the WOW of autumn!