Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hidden Secrets of Tasmania

Exciting Electrifying Tasmania

There's a new kid on the block, and you know what that means, don't you? It is exciting!
Many people who live in Launceston, Tasmania have driven passed the Trevallyn Power station many hundreds of times and never really knew what was in that large white building on the way to Riverside.
John Lovell has exclusive access to show you all the secrets hiding inside that building. His new business Discover Tasmania Tours will take you on a quick tour, half or full day tours of the Trevallyn, Duck Reach, and Waddamana Power stations and museums.
John with a group ready to tour

Ever wondered about how electricity is made? John has all the answers. Ever wondered when electricity came to Tasmania? John can tell you. He's a very friendly guy and worked for Hydro Tasmania for many years. He is now retired, well sort of, but he can't stay away from the excitement of electricity.
An original Pelton Wheel from Waddamna.

His quick tours operate on demand with minimum number requirements and strict dress code. Your safety is paramount to John, and he will kit you out in HiVis vest, hard hat and safety glasses, just to be sure. His vehicle is a very safe Mitsubishi Challenger 4WD. John also holds a current Red Cross first aid certification.

John's favourite quote, "you never know what's around the corner" so don't wait, go exploring with John you'll be glad you did.

Trevallyn Power station turbine

So give John a call,  0447 673 459, so you too can discover John and the Power Station Explorer Tour when you are visiting Launceston in Northern Tasmania.

Discover Tasmania Tours also have other tours which may interest you, around the Northern region, which will include visiting wineries, waterfalls, caves and bays, oh and don't forget John will know where all the best Tasmanian food is too!

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